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Coffee is a drink that many of us rely on and that gets us through work, through early mornings and through meetings. It helps us relax at the end of the day and it’s the perfect social drink to enjoy with a friend – and yet we know very little about it. It does so much for us and yet remains a stranger…. Which is a shame considering what a fascinating history and how many interesting aspects it has. Here we will change all that and look at some interesting facts about everybody’s favourite hot brew…

* It is believed that coffee was first discovered by goat herders in Ethiopia because their goats started eating the beans and started to ‘dance’ as a result.

* Coffee was eaten long before people started drinking it, and African tribes would mix the berries with fat in order to create chewy balls that gave them energy.

* Coffee is in fact found as a seed in berries as opposed to growing as beans and is red and round in appearance in this form. These grow on trees that grow anywhere between 10-30 feet tall.

* Coffee is the second most highly traded commodity in the whole world right after oil, which aptly demonstrates just how important it really is.

* The popularity of coffee grew greatly during the rise of Islam where coffee is highly popular, partly as a result of alcohol being illegal.

* Coffee beans are grown in the ‘bean belt’ which is the region between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Hawaii falls in this region and is the only American state where coffee is grown.

* Coffee houses were banned in England in 1675 as a result of the then King of England believing that people used them to conspire.

* Coffee beans are roasted at 500 Fahrenheit. After minutes, they pop and double in size at which point they are ready to be eaten.

* The ‘Americano’ preparation of coffee was invented by American GI’s fighting in WW2. They order espressos with water in order to dilute the flavour. This is also where the term ‘cup of Joe’ comes from.

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