Amazing Facts About Cats!

Cats are a highly popular pet that many of us have great relationships with. However though they are very commonplace and might seem like loyal companions, they yet retain an air of mystery about them and there is a lot we don’t know about them. This is further compounded by the look that cats have which suggests they know something we don’t. It’s easy to get the impression that our cat holds all the cards and has one up on us, so here are some amazing facts that might help to level the playing field just a little…

Cats have five toes on their front paws and only four on the back

This is true unless your cat is a ‘polydactyl’ which means that they have extra toes. Interestingly this is more common in Boston in the US than anywhere else.

Cast can’t taste sweet foods

Interestingly a cats taste buds do not taste sugar. This may be because their natural diet would have contained very little sugar in the wild.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to keep cats

And actually they were revered as very sacred animals (which might be why your cat still expects to be treated as royalty). They would also have been used to keep rats and vermin at bay. In some cases the cats would even have been mummified after death so that they could join their owners in the afterlife.

Cat little was once made from sand

This was true up until 1948 when clay was found to be more absorbent.

Cats can see in dark

Cats have amazing night vision, and this allows them to see in light levels that are 1/6th of that required by humans.

A cat’s purr is the exact same frequency as an idle diesel engine

That means that cats purr at roughly 26 purrs a second. So when someone turn on their engine and says ‘listen to it purr’ they may in fact have genuinely gotten their vehicle and their cat confused. Cats also purr continuously which is caused by air moving past their voice box as they breath.

The cat flap was invented by Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton did gravity, and then he did cat flaps…

Meanwhile Nikola Tesla was inspired to learn about electricity after he got a static shock from his cat

Another famous inventor who was inexplicable connected to his cat. Arguably we wouldn’t have any electronic devices today were it not for cats. Though most likely someone else would have just done the research instead.

Cats can hear ultrasonic noises

This is because mice and rats use ultrasonic sounds in order to communicate (yes mice make sounds that we can’t hear). Even dogs can’t hear these sounds.

Cats use whiskers to gauge whether they can fit through an opening

At the same time their collarbone is capable of moving around inside their neck as it is not connected to any other bone. This is why they can fit through such small spaces.

Cats need taurine to see

Taurine is an amino acid (found in protein) that allows cats to see and they would go blind without it. This is found in cat food but fortunately they can also produce it on their own. This ingredient is also found in a lot of energy drinks.

Cats run at a top speed of 30mph

Yes that puts them at faster than Usain Bolt who achieved 27mph. That’s domestic cats, while a cheetah is capable of 70mph, meaning they could run on the motorway.

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