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Fatigue is something which can take some of the joy out of our lives, leaving us without the energy to properly enjoy the company of others, or to even engage in our usual activities. There are many different reasons for fatigue and the best cures will depend upon what the cause is for your particular case of fatigue. However there are some foods that can help reduce fatigue and generally improving your diet is a sure fire way to get more energy which can at the very least counteract some of the effects of fatigue and help you to get more out of yourself and your life again.

Here we’ll look at some foods that can help your fatigue, and specifically advise on which foods you should eat and which ones you’d be better off avoiding.

Foods Good for Energy

Complex Carbs

Complex carbs include foods like bread or pasta. These slowly release energy as they take a long time to break down and are far better for increasing overall energy levels throughout the day.


Okay so they’re really just a good source of carbs with some added vitamins and minerals, but they’re also light and easy to eat and will release energy over the course of around four hours. Ripe bananas are also high in dopamine which means they boost your mood and your drive and will power – two things that are tied closely to our energy levels.

Apples and Oranges

Apples are very high in vitamin C ad this is great for boosting the immune system and thereby meaning that you get less brought down by colds and illnesses that can sap your energy (it’s also a good antioxidant).

Red Grapes

Red grapes contain something called reservation which is great for our energy levels. Resveratrol improves the function of your ‘mitochondria’ which surround the cells and create ATP (the most basic form of energy). Improving these then means more energy.

Lean Proteins

Lean proteins include things like chicken and fish. While we don’t really get our energy from protein, this is what we use to repair our muscles and wounds. Without protein then our body would become lethargic as it tried to repair wounds and damage and found it could not. With lots of protein your body will run well, and that will give you energy.


Fibre is very important for your body as it passes straight through your system without being digested, and as it does, it clears out your digestive tracts, your arteries and lots else. It also encourages bowel movements, and all of this will make you feel generally less bloated and lighter on your toes.


Yogurts are a great source of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 meanwhile is a good thing because it helps the body to convert carbs into useable energy. Probiotics also contain ingredients that aid with digestion which also should help you to feel lively.

Foods to Avoid

While those are the foods that will give you more energy, there are also some foods that you should avoid, and you’ll likely not be surprised to find all the usual suspects here…

Saturated Fats

The fats that you get in burgers and other fried foods and ready meals take longer than any other food to digest and will thus make you feel sluggish and bloated for longer. These will also add to the build up of bad cholesterol that will make it more difficult for your heart to pump blood around your body.

Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are any foods that taste sweet and as a rule that means things like sugar and cake. These will give you a spike in energy when your body breaks them down, but this will be followed immediately by a dip in energy that leaves you feeling exhausted.


Alcohol is a depressant meaning that it slows down your body. Of course this will then lower your energy levels so don’t drink alcohol until you’re ready to start heading off to bed (though equally you must not use alcohol in order to fall asleep or regularly before bed for unrelated reason).

Huge Quantities

Finally you should avoid eating anything in large amounts. Any big meal will bloat you and cause your body to use up a lot of energy in trying to digest and process all the food. In the long term this will result in weight gain which will tax your body in order to pump blood around and because you will be carrying more weight.

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