The Fastest Way to Lose Muscle

Many of us spend a lot of time and energy trying to build muscle and to get a ‘tanked’ or ‘ripped’ physique. We go to the gym, we eat protein, and we do all of the right things. However in many cases we will also be unintentionally engaging in behaviours that lose muscle as well. Here we’ll look at the quickest ways to lose your hard earned muscle. For most people this will act as a list of warnings of things to avoid, but perhaps for some people they might provide some good advice in terms of how they can quickly shrink down if they find that their muscle is currently too big.

Do large amounts of cardio: When you do cardio training your body is forced to burn its stored energy reserves. First of all that means the calories you have floating around in your system from what you’ve been eating, then it means the fat you have stored in your body, and then finally it means the muscle. You have to do a lot of cardio in order to get to the point where you’re losing muscle, and you also need to ensure you don’t eat too many calories that day and burn off your fat too.

Don’t eat enough: So that’s the other way too lose muscle. Eat only very few calories and then go running. At the same time by avoiding protein specifically you can avoid your muscle from growing – because it is the protein that you eat that your muscle is made from.

Don’t rest: Rest is very important for muscle growth. When you sleep you enter an ‘anabolic state’ wherein your body starts drawing on your protein in order to repair damage done to your muscles and build it back stronger. If you don’t rest, then your muscle won’t get that chance to repair.

Cut resistance training on the legs: The legs are great at maintaining muscle, and simply having strong legs creates a lot of chemical changes in your body that produce muscle-building hormones etc. The reason for this is that your legs are the largest muscle group in your body. Miss them out and the rest o your body will follow suit.

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