What Is Vitamin D3 Good For?

Vitamins and minerals are all highly beneficial for our health and wellbeing and serve a whole host of important roles around the body. However among all of these highly important vitamins are certainly some ‘stand out’ winners that offer a greater range of benefits over the others and can contribute to total body health.

Vitamin C is a hot favourite for instance thanks to its status as an effective antioxidant, as well as its ability to aid the immune system. Vitamin B6 meanwhile is everyone’s favourite energy-boosting vitamin and is found in just about every single supplement aimed at energy, focus or well-being. Here we will look at another hero of the vitamin world: vitamin D3. Following are just some of its many benefits:


Vitamin D3 is important for maintaining calcium balance in your body and this is very important as it is crucial for the normal functioning of the nervous system, and also for bone density, tendons and ligaments and powerful contractions when working out in the gym. Via this mechanism vitamin D3 can also prevent osteoporosis – which is a serious weakening of the bones.

Boosts Immunity

Like vitamin C and many of its other vitamin brothers, D3 is very good for your immune system being an ‘immune system modulator’.

Helps Cell Differentiation

Cell differentiation is the specialisation of cells for specific functions in the body.

Inhibits Proliferation

The proliferation of cells is essential for the body to grow and to gain useful cells in each area. However uncontrolled proliferation can result in the rapid spreading of imperfections in cells and of mutations which are responsible for the spread of cancer.

Helps Insulin Secretion

Active vitamin D helps to secrete insulin. Insulin, as you are likely aware, is crucial for converting glucose into energy and so vitamin D3 may help prevent diabetes or help to treat it.

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