Foods to Eat With Clenbuterol

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, and this means that of course weight loss tablets are highly popular and used by many people. Originally designed to be used by sufferers of breathing disorders such as asthma, it has since been found to be useful for a range different purposes including performance enhancement and weight loss. This latter use is despite the fact that it has not been proven to be effective in weight loss in any clinical trials, though there is some circumstantial evidence for its effectiveness. It also has several unpleasant side effects and cautions and can cause problems with pregnancies etc.

Furthermore it is not a particularly healthy way to lose weight, as any use of medication will involve some chemical change that can cause reactions and side effects and which should only be used in cases of real medical conditions. At the same time, many can become dependent on them, worsening any side effects, and also costing a lot of money to continue. Far healthier is to lose the weight naturally through diet and exercise – it takes more work but the results will be far preferable in the long run.

Clenbuterol Diet

However of course it is the prerogative of those choosing to use the drug whether they mind the side effects or not, and it is better to use it well than to undo the good work. If you are using clenbuterol then you should still maintain a healthy diet as well or you will counteract many of the positive effects. This then means that you should cut down your intake of simple carbs (sugars, cakes, sweets etc) as well as fats in order to prevent yourself from gaining too many extra calories that can be stored as fat. At the same time you should be sure to increase your intake of proteins while on clebuterol.

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