The Abs Diet

Everyone wants abs and as a result approximately half the population have some kind of exercise regime that they hope will tone them up and give them the stomach they desire. However, it is important to not only have the correct workout when it comes to gaining abs, but also the correct diet. Here we will look at how you should change your eating patterns if you want to develop a six pack. The importance of this shouldn’t be underestimated either – as the easiest way to get six pack abs is to just lower your body fat – if you get your body fat percentage to 10% or less than your abs will be visible, even if they aren’t overly muscular.

The Food Groups

The first thing that it’s key to understand is that there are many food groups and that each of these has a different role. Many people will try to avoid too many carbs because this is the food group that the body uses as energy and that it stores as fat if there’s any left over. However to avoid carbs completely is a mistake as it leaves you with no energy and that leaves you susceptible to various problems and unable to workout. Fat too can of course be easily stored as fat because it’s already in the right format. Protein on the other hand cannot easily be stored as fat and instead is used to build muscle meaning you’re safe to eat it in larger quantities, and the same is also true of fibre which passes harmlessly through your system.

The aim then is to reduce your intake of fats and carbs and to increase your cardiovascular fitness. This then means that your body will have less food to burn for energy and will instead turn to your stored fat cells for fuel which will mean you’re physically burning off the fat covering up your abs.

The Deficit

Simply what you are trying to do in order to lose weight is to create a deficit between how many carbs you consume and get stored as fat and how many you burn. If you burn off more than you have then you will find that you start to lose weight. If you burn the same amount that you have then you will find you generally stay the same, and if you do the opposite you will find that you put on weight.

The problem is that your body wants to store fat. It thinks this is a great thing to do a then when a feminine comes you’ll have ‘money in the bank’ as it was (here money is fat, and the bank is your hips). Thus it doesn’t really want to burn the fat you have stored and will complain by telling you you’re hungry when you are out of available glucose to burn as energy.

What you need to do at this point though is be strong, and to ignore the hunger. Eat the amount you have set yourself as a target and don’t go over. If you feel hunger pangs then see it as a sign that you are losing weight, just as your muscle burning in the gym is a sign that you’re building biceps (just don’t get too fond of the hunger sensation as this is also something of a fast-track to anorexia). Hit your body with some CV now, and it will have no choice but to start stripping down your fat reserves.

Cutting Carbs and Fat

The best kind of carbs to cut are the kind called ‘simple carbs’ (as opposed to ‘complex carbs’) which include things like sugar or sweets. These are the ones that are bad for you in other ways and that are most quickly converted into fats, whereas complex carbs such as bread or pasta will gradually be burned throughout the day giving you a steady release of energy. The great thing about complex carbs is that you actually burn energy just in order to store them.

As said then you need to ignore your hunger pangs if you want to burn the fat to reveal your abs and only eat things you know are healthy for you. The easiest way to do this is simply not to snack between meals – only eat at breakfast lunch and dinner and let that fuel you for the rest of the day. It’s hard, but you have to consider it a beneficial challenge – just like running the extra mile during your cardio workout.

Meanwhile choose meals that are healthy when possible – lean protein (protein without fat such as chicken or fish) with a few complex carbs like pasta and rice. Again avoid the temptation to go out for KFC and if you do, make sure you get a small portion. It’s just will power.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are a great aid for anyone trying to burn their extra fat. One reason is that they are great for those who are trying to lose weight. One reason is that we often eat for comfort – if you do this then you will gain weight. Fortunately a nice hot drink is arguably just as comforting as a chocolate bar or sandwich, so rather than eating for comfort, try drinking for comfort. At the same time this will also increase your metabolism to help you burn that extra fat.

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