Six Ways Anger Can Benefit You

Usually, anger is associated with aggressive and offensive behaviors or some other destructive acts in life. It is true only on people who’ve never been taught on how to use anger properly.

This article illustrates the good side of anger – the part that can be used to solve common problems, to understand others’ perspective, and minimize future conflicts. Emotions are not intrinsically good or bad. People can still have heart attacks after dealing with an euphoric event, after being promoted, or after the death of a loved one. Does this imply that you need to avoid pleasure and joy at all costs? Of course not! Also you don’t have to avoid anger because of a mistaken belief that it can only cause pain and harm. It is what you do with anxiety and anger that can make them become good or bad.

If you tend to use anger constructively, you will join the ranks of some very notable people – George Washington, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa and Gandhi, to name a few. They were certainly angry – about poverty, racial iniquity, the occupation of their nation by foreign forces and they channeled their anger for shaping the world into a better place. These are some reasons why you may need to consider anger as a partner in constructing a better, happier and more successful life.

Anger is an integrated resource

We were born with a potential for anger. Mothers understand anger in infants as early as three months of age. It isn’t something that needs to be learned or taught, like money or relationships. It’s yours to feel as the needs arise. Think of your anger as a birthright.

Just ask yourself: Do I want to use it to reconstruct or demolish my life?

Anger is stimulating

The letter “e” in emotion symbolizes “energy.” Anger brings out a quick surge of adrenaline that causes dilated pupils, racing heart, higher blood pressure, and faster breathing. If you are really angry, even those small hairs on your back of your neck can immediately stand up! Your liver reacts by releasing sugar, and blood flows to your skeletal muscles from your internal organs, causing a complete state of tension. You are aroused and ready for action. Be aware, though, that these emotions are often short lived – they easily come and go. So, it is necessary to strike while your emotions are (literally) raging hot and channel your energy to benefit you and others before it vanishes.

Just ask yourself: Do I want to waste this powerful energy?

Anger can encourage new behaviors

The “motion” component of the word “emotion” can be related to motivated behaviors. If you’re like many people, there are a few things you wish you can change in this life. But why hesitate? You’re unsure about what may happen if you relinquish the status quo by moving your life to a new direction – maybe a fresh relationship, a new profession, a new neighborhood, or a new, healthier way of life (joining a gym, giving up alcohol, starting a diet). So, you do absolutely nothing – that’s it. But when you are disturbed about the way everything goes, you think that this is time right to act.

Just ask yourself: Do I want to miss the opportunity of renewing my life with constructive anger?

Anger interacts

Anger tells the whole world just how uncomfortable you are – how sorrowful, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unexcited, and alienated you feel. Anger expresses the inexpressible! Think about the day you verbally showed anger. Do you recall anything what you’ve said? Was it close to, “Get out!” “I don’t care about you,” “I am tired of living a miserable life” or “I give, give, and always give, but get nothing in return”. But, did you listen to those frustrations – listen to what it tries to tell you about things that have gone wrong in your life and what is needed to correct it. The most accommodating emotional dialogue is your inner talks.

Just ask yourself: What are things that my anger can tell me?

Anger protects

You anger is an essential part of the intrinsic “fight-or-flight” reaction that helps you survive and adapt to life’s challenges. It is the ingredient to fight – the part that drives you to protect yourself against perceived or actual threats.

Do you ever feel so angry that you want to move a mountain? Do you ever use your anger to set limit point on other people’s impolite or thoughtless behaviors? Do you ever get so angered and yell, “I no longer can accept this” or even “I’d rather fight to death than getting more of these abuses”. It can be a good thing, otherwise, you will always become the victim!

Just ask yourself: Can I use my anger energy to positively defend myself?

Anger is a cure to impotence

Impotence – lacking in ability and power – feels awful. This is not about sexual impotence, but about how powerless you’re when dealing with the cruel world – your friendship, your job, your financial situation, your weight, your health, the loss of relatives, and so forth. You feel helpless and incompetent, not adequate to deal with life’s challenges.

Then you get agitated and suddenly you feel empowered by competence, and confidence. You are standing straight up to the conflicts and frustrations you have been avoiding for so long. Anger is a dynamic emotion: “I can fix it,” “I can make a huge difference here,” “I can be very successful in a few years.”

Always pay attention to your mental posture every time you feel down, impotent, and dejected about some crucial things in life. Then see how your mental posture changes each time you get stirred up and you begin to take control of your situation. I promise you will be astonished at the differences that can happen in your life.

Just ask yourself: How frequently do I buckle under the hardship of life when I feel anger?

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