Natural Methods of Determining the Sex of Your Baby

Believe it or not, there are a number of things that you can do to try to determine the sex of your baby when trying to get pregnant. While nothing short of genetic manipulation is 100% foolproof, there are tried and tested natural methods that have been used for countless years. Some of these methods are grounded in scientific fact while others take on a more metaphysical bent. Many couples swear by these techniques and there is ample evidence to prove that these natural methods do improve your chances of determining the sex of your baby.

Know When You Ovulate

The first thing you will need to do is keep track of when you ovulate. Whenever you are trying to get pregnant this is important, but it is especially important if you are trying to have a baby of a specific gender. There are several methods that will help you track ovulation, but two of the least expensive and most reliable are the basal body temperature (BBT) method and observing cervical mucus. In order to track your BBT you will need to take your temperature upon waking every morning before you get out of bed so keep a thermometer within arm’s reach.

Consistency is the key, which means you need to get a reading at the same time every morning without fail. Instructions for tracking your BBT can easily be found online. Observing cervical mucus is also quite reliable or you could track ovulation with an at-home ovulation midstream test kit or ovulation test strips. Instructions for how to observe cervical mucus can also be found online if you choose to use this method. However, before you can take steps toward trying to determine the gender of your choice, you need to pinpoint the exact day in your cycle when ovulation occurs.

Knowing When to Have Intercourse

Although this may sound a bit like an old wives’ tale, there really is a significant amount of scientific data to back up the fact that it really does matter when you have sex. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that female sperm live longer than males but swim much slower. A female sperm cell will live three to five days while a male sperm cell will only live up to 72 hours at the very most. So if you are looking to have a girl baby, it is best to have sex 3 to 5 days before you ovulate and if you are looking to have a baby boy it is best to have intercourse on the day before or even the day of ovulation.

The point is that once the egg drops into the fallopian tube it will only survive approximately 12 to 36 hours at the most unless it is fertilized. If you have intercourse five days prior to ovulation the male sperm cells would have already reached the fallopian tubes and died before the egg is dropped. The female sperm cells however will just about be reaching the location while both the egg and the sperm cells are still viable. There is still controversy over this method of determining the gender of your baby, but the theory behind it is, indeed, rooted in scientific fact based on the life cycles of the sperm and egg.

The “Mystical” Approach

For countless centuries people from all over the world have had spiritual and metaphysical approaches to predetermining the sex of their children and the strange thing is that modern science seems to validate their logic! Take for example the ancient Chinese belief that if you want to have a male child you should not have sex on nights of the full moon. Is this an old wives’ tale? Well, it could be; however, there does appear to be some amount of evidence that there just might be some truth in this!

Again, it all goes back to the female and male sperm cells and the vaginal environments under which they are best able to thrive. It is known that male sperm cells fare best in a pH balanced environment while female sperm cells need a slightly acidic environment. Taking a step forward, there is documented evidence that the gravitational pull during nights of the full moon cause an acidic environment in the vagina. Consequently, is there any truth to ancient Chinese wisdom advising to refrain from sex on nights of the full moon if you want a male child? There just could be some amount of truth if the lunar cycle affects the alkalinity/acidity of the vagina!

We have been led to believe for so long now that the only way to determine the sex of a baby is with genetic engineering, but that really isn’t the case if you look at the facts behind some of these wives’ tales and folk remedies! Perhaps the ancients didn’t have the scientific tools to analyze ‘why’ these methods worked, but through observation they found that they did indeed work a majority of the time. These methods may not be foolproof but they have a success rate worthy of consideration. If you are looking to naturally determine the gender of your baby when you conceive, it’s worth a try!

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