How to Use Your Basal Thermometer

A basal thermometer is a highly sensitive thermometer that can indicate the most minute changes in temperature. This allows women to check their very precise temperature and often they will use this ability in order to check the stage of their menstrual cycle and thereby know if they are ovulating or going through a fertile period. The majority of basal thermometers will come with a chart in order to allow you to see what certain temperatures ‘mean’ and how they relate (or not) to pregnancy.

There are many tips for how to use your basal thermometer that can ensure that your final reading is more accurate. They are as follows…

1. Use the basal thermometer first thing in the morning

This way you will get the most accurate measure of your body temperature without confounding factors like exercise. It is best to use the thermometer after five hours of sleep, with three being the minimum. Keep your thermometer by the side of your bed to remind you to use it.

2. Use the thermometer at the same time daily

This will better allow you to measure changes in your body temperature, as your temperature changes at different times of day.

3. Use the thermometer orally, rectally or vaginally

This way you will get the temperature of your body internally. However be sure to keep to the same method once you have chosen one as this may affect your results.

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