What Are Coronary Artery Spasms?

Coronary arteries are blood vessels that are responsible for supplying blood to our heart muscles. In some cases, one of these arteries can go into spasm. This can result into insufficient blood flow and oxygen to the heart. A patient usually experiences chest pain due to the cut in the blood supply. As such, a patient may appear healthy when examined by the physician as spasms can pave way into one’s life in irregular intervals.

The cause of coronary artery spasm is yet to be fully explored. However, there are several factors that are held responsible for this condition such as smoking, stress, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol level. Sudden exposure to cold is also cited as one of the reasons for coronary artery spasms. In some cases, it can also occur due to intake of certain kinds of medications or drug abuse.

Usually, an individual suffering from this condition is advised to stay away from rigorous physical activities. That being said, the sudden chest pain can occur even while an individual is resting. While the episode will last only for a few minutes, it can be bothering. As such, the condition is tricky to be diagnosed because the blood vessels return to normalcy when the spasm ends.

Over here, a healthy or a diseased blood vessel can be responsible for the ailment. A doctor will have to monitor your condition for a period of time to be able to gauge the ailment effectively. You will be required to report the chest pain instances very briefly. You have to be as detailed as you can about the symptoms so that you are offered the best possible treatment.

Once the condition is identified, one will be asked to be on medications to deal with the ailment. If an individual does not showcase great health risk, then controlling the factors that has resulted into the condition can also help. For instance, one needs to lower their blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels to keep the risk associated with this ailment at bay.

In some cases, a surgery might be required to address the problem, especially if the ailment has paved way into your life due to a diseased vessel. There are lots of factors taken into consideration before conducting a surgery such as the general health of the patient, lifestyle and so on. Some factors can serve as a hindrance for performing a surgery.

For instance, cocaine users should know that consumption of cocaine can backfire over here, which is why they should stay away from cocaine consumption. It’s a must to disclose all kinds of medications and drugs that you intake because this disclosure has great relevance to your treatment. Remember, your life can be at stake, in case you try to shy away from disclosing vital information about your health.

Individuals suffering from coronary spasms on regular basis can manage this condition by bringing about positive changes in their lifestyle such as lowering their bad cholesterol level, switching to a healthy diet and by working out regularly. Besides this, one should refrain from tobacco consumption to minimize the chances of getting affected by a coronary spasm.

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