How to Remove Eye Contacts

Eye contacts are a marvelous invention that allows those of us who would otherwise have to permanently wear glasses to see to ditch them and improve our vision while looking no different from before. For many people wearing glasses is a big blow to your sense of identity and can leave you feeling ‘nerdy’ or less attractive. However with eye contacts this really needn’t be the case and you can actually look exactly as you did before.

Eye contacts also have a range of other uses and benefits and there are lots of different types. For instance it is possible to get eye contacts that change the colour of your eye meaning you can have striking blue eyes and see what you would like and whether it helps you o attract the opposite sex. Alternatively you can get contacts that are actually stronger than any type of eye glasses meaning that those whose vision deteriorates past a certain point may be forced to wear contacts.

The downside is that they are so annoying – and eye contacts while less noticeable in some ways than glasses can be a hassle to put in, uncomfortable to wear – and very painful if they go behind the eye. Knowing how to put them in and take them out properly then is important to make the most of eye contacts and for them to be the useful things they should be rather than a pain in the neck (or eye).

Here’s how to remove eye contacts…

1. Firstly you should ensure that you always have clean and dry hands and a very clean working area. If you do not then you can get dirt on your contacts and make it hard to see out of them, or worse you might bring bacteria into your eye and cause an infection. You should also ensure that you have smooth, trimmed nails, or you might risk tearing your contact lens or hurting your eye.

2. If you wear soft eye contacts then you should be sure to open your eye as wide as possible. If it keeps closing when you go to get the contact out (a natural reflex for many of us) then you should use your other hand to open your eye.

3. Now look up or away to one side.

4. Your thumb and a finger to pinch the contact out from your eye and to get some purchase.

5. In some cases the contact will be stuck into your eye. This will be a result of your eye having dried throughout the day and if this is the case then you will need to use some ‘re-wetting’ drops which will make your eye more lubricated so that you can remove the contact.

6. Removing ‘hard’ contact lenses or what are known as ‘gas permeable contacts’ is slightly different. In order to do this you need to hold one hand cupped under your eye.

7. From here use your other hand in order to pull the outside corner of your eye towards your ear.

8. While holding this position blink, and you should pop the contact lens out into your hand.

9. Once the contact is out, store the lenses in labeled and cleaned contact cases so that they stay hygienic and you can find them again easily when you want them.

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