Ways to Attract a Man

There are many articles and theories out there that describe techniques for meeting men. Many of these involve various different advanced algorithms that claim to have found the secret ingredients to what a man wants in a woman.

However in reality it doesn’t take all that much to figure out what attracts men, and it’s largely just common sense that they’d be attracted to the things that they are. Here we’ll look at a few of the things about a woman that attracts a man, and discuss how to ensure that you tick the right boxes.

1. Confidence

First and foremost one of the things that men find most attractive about women is the exact same thing as that women find attractive in men – confidence. If you act confident then it means that you think that you have good reason to be, and that someone would be lucky to date you. Chances are then that other people will believe you and will want to date you as a result. At the same tie acting confident means that you draw attention to yourself in a positive way and that means you’ll get noticed. Most of all it means that a guy can imagine having you on his arm and attracting the jealousy of all the other men in the room. It sounds shallow and to an extent it is – but don’t get offended women do it too!

So how do you look and act more confident? One is to dress in a more confident way as though you’re proud of your body and you want to make yourself seen. Don’t shy away from bright colours in an attempt to sink into the background, but instead choose those that will be eye grabbing and then wear them in such a way that gets you noticed. A short pencil skirt at work, high heels, bare legs, elaborate hair, or a bold red lipstick – don’t be afraid to wear them because they’ll get you noticed.

At the same time though don’t go too overboard with them. You want to draw attention to yourself and to your positive features, but you don’t want to look as though you’re trying too hard. So red lipstick yes, but don’t cake yourself in makeup. Likewise if you’re wearing a very little skirt then don’t wear a low cut top either. Be confident and stylish but hold something back or you’ll look desperate. More neurotic than confident.

Then when you’re made up to look great, don’t sit quietly and avoid conversation – instead joke around, tease your man and involve his friends in the conversation. This way you will be fun and magnetic and at the same time he will realise that you’ll be able to survive among his friends and family were he to date you. Of course if you’re cripplingly shy then you might struggle to do this, but at least make some effort and bring the conversation to them sometimes rather than always waiting for it to come to you.

2. Stability and Kindness

Long term what a man wants is a woman who is easy going, supportive, understanding and will look after them. They will want someone interesting and sweet and who they can have just as much fun with chilling out in front of the TV as the can dancing all through the night. Try to demonstrate then that you’ve got something to you – that you have interests other than shopping and that you can be tender and caring for those times when a man isn’t feeling so great. Being confident is great, but to differentiate yourself from ‘one of the lads’ you need to be feminine and tender too – it’s a fine line to walk but if you act like someone they’d want to snuggle up to when they were feeling down then this can also be very attractive. At the same time avoid the games and complications that some women will put their men through early on – try to keep things honest and straightforward and be that rare individual who is both the one who everyone has their eye on the dance floor, and the one who is kind, loving, loyal and sensible the rest of the time.

3. Physical Sexiness

Again it’s perhaps a little shallow, but there’s no getting round it. A man wants their woman to be sexy. By covering the above bases you will ensure that you display a sexy personality, but if you don’t look at all attractive then few men will ever learn of your positive traits. To be physically sexy then as mentioned you should dress confidently, but at the same time you should dress sexily – looking at the female sex icons such as Angelina Jolie for inspiration. Try to emphasize your more feminine and sexual aspects – give yourself full lips, big eyes, luscious hair and long legs, and wear the things that you know men beg their girlfriends to wear – they should know what will help you attract a man! Of course meanwhile you need to avoid looking desperate.

At the same time you also need to ensure that you spend time and effort on your appearance and on the finer details. If you are starting to get a bit of a mustache for instance – that is not sexy and it’s also not necessary – all it takes is to wax, bleach or pluck. Likewise spend time on your nails, your eyebrows your complexion, your makeup and everything else. How you do your makeup can have a huge impact on how attractive you look to men and it should make your features look more attractive. If you don’t know how best to do your makeup in order to work with your natural strengths, then you should get some kind of tutelage in order to learn. Go and get your makeup done professionally and pay close attention to how they go about it. It’s also a good idea to vary your look from time to time – to try dying your hair, or wearing it in different styles, and to wear clothes that are outside of your comfort zone. Men love this because it means variety in the bedroom potentially, but also because it keeps you fresh and exciting and forces them to see you in a new light. At the same time, different men have different preferences and fetishes, and if you dress yourself in a variety of ways that means you are likely to strike a chord with a greater variety of men.

You might also want to focus on some areas of self improvement. In particular if you are very overweight then the unfortunate truth is that most men won’t find this attractive – there’s no point in sugar coating it. The key really is to work on ensuring that your face is slim, as this will be what’s really noticeable. So if you are overweight and trying to find a man don’t feel sorry for yourself and moan about how shallow men are – do something about it. Any other area you’re unhappy about too – work on improving it. If you don’t like it, then it only stands to reason that it will hold you back in other areas to.

Meeting a Man

From here it’s now time to start meeting people and this can be what most women really struggle with. The problem is that few of us expose ourselves to situations where we can meet people – at work we already know everyone and it would be awkward and in clubs and bars you have no idea who you’re really meeting or what their intentions are – and often neither will be what you’re looking for.

Much better then is to meet friends of friends – this way they have already been vetoed, and you have some common ground. Advertise to your friends then that you are single and don’t want to be, and ask them to ask around. Better yet, get them to throw a party where the alcohol will be flowing and you can chat uninhibited. Parties will attract a wide range of people all of whom are somehow connected and have all the benefits of a club with none of the disadvantages. Now just be sure your Facebook page looks good – the next day that’s where they’ll be looking to check you out and likely what your main point of contact will be.

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