How to Get Rid of Flaky Ear Wax

Ear wax is very unattractive, and can be highly off putting. Even if someone is otherwise the most appealing person you’ve ever seen – if they turn sideways and their ear is full of flaky wax, this can immediately make you think of them as less attractive and less appealing. It can also be physically sickening and even put you off your dinner. You don’t then want to be that guy (or gal) so it’s important to ensure that you try to minimise this and do everything in your power to prevent it being a problem. At the same time if you build up too much ear wax it can attract bacteria and provide a perfect habitat for them which can lead to ear infections. It can also on its own block your ear and cause you to have difficulty hearing, or if it gets too far in can cause discomfort and severe hearing loss.

The good news is that reducing ear wax is really quite simple and it only takes a little time every day. Here we will look at the three simple steps you should follow regularly in order to keep your ears as earwax-free as possible.

Step One: Wash Your Ears

Your Mum probably always told you to wash behind your ears – which was good advice. As well though it doesn’t hurt to submerge your head underwater from time to time in order to dissolve ear wax and clean away bacteria. At the same time if you’re in the shower it doesn’t hurt to just swish some water around your ear – but try to avoid blasting it in too deeply.

Step Two: Use Ear Buds

Ear buds have gotten a lot of bad press recently, but that’s only relevant when you use them to clean the very inside of the ear canal. Better is to leave this area for other methods and instead just use the ear bud in order to remove wax from the outer ear in the contours and grooves caused by the shape of your ear itself. Using ear buds remains the best way to achieve this as it allows you to get some real pressure on the inside of your ear and to reach into the hard-to-get areas. Just don’t use them for the inside of the ear.

Step Three: Use an Ear Drop

For the inside of the ear you should use an ear drop. These will come in a squeezable dispenser and drop straight into your ear. Their purpose is to then dissolve the wax. This prevents you from having to push an ear bud into your ear which can sometimes have the undesired effect of pushing the wax down further.

You should do these three steps fairly often – at least every five days but preferably more. This way you will avoid your ear wax building up too much which will mean that you have less of a job to do each time and you are less likely to accidentally push the wax further into your ear. If you find that you cannot remove the wax for any significant period of time and it seems to come back in large amounts then there is a chance that it may be a symptom of an illness or ear infection so you should see a doctor.

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