Foods That Increase Libido in Women

If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you are a man, and that you are planning on using the information in order to make your girlfriend more aroused and more interested in sex. Alternatively you may be reading this in preparation for a date – you’ve got a hot woman coming round for dinner and you think you can increase your chances of a happy ending by feeding her the right things. Ringing any bells? If that’s true then you should probably be ashamed of yourself, that said – everything you will need is right here.

Increasing Libido

Foods designed to increase libido (sex drive) have been around since ancient civilisation and are called ‘aphrodisiacs’ – named after the Greek goddess of love ‘Aphrodite’. Many of these have been used throughout the centuries but really are based on very little scientific evidence or theory. These are merely based on ‘old wives’ tales’ and are largely made up. On the other hand there are plenty of foods that will increase sex drive, though the ones that increase it in women are largely the same as the ones that increase it in men.

One way that a genuine aphrodisiac can work is through increasing the amount of testosterone in the system. This is the ‘male’ hormone and the one that is responsible for men generally having a higher sex drive than women. Many other similar foods have other chemical and hormonal effects on the body and stimulate the libido through other means. Here we shall look at a few suggestions to try bringing to the bedroom:

Red Meats

As mentioned already, testosterone is the number one cause for high libido, and this is high in red meats such as beef and pork. It might not sound like the most romantic pre-encounter meal, but it will work in your favour.


Bananas look highly phallic so it may come as no surprise that they can boost your sex life by providing dopamine – the chemical in the brain linked most highly to desire and reward. This is particularly true of ripe bananas. These also contain potassium which helps regulate the thyroid gland.


Avocados also contain potassium, as well as folic acid which help to metabolise proteins.


Women often compare chocolate to sex, and this is because it actually produces the same chemicals as the feeling of love!


Celery boosts sex drive because of a substance called androsterone which is the same aphrodisiac found in male sweat that has a positive effect on women’s hormones.


Oysters have long been associated with love and sex, and it turns out there’s actually some truth behind the myth as they contain high amounts of zinc which helps the body to naturally produce testosterone. They also provide two amino acids (proteins) linked closely with sex drive.


Of course it’s important to keep the amount of alcohol minimal as there will otherwise be no interest in sex from either party. However just a little alcohol can make people look more attractive, make you feel more emotional, and also help to loosen inhibition.

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