How to Cure Red Cheeks

Red cheeks are a common problem for many people, and are a symptom of many different problems. They can be caused for instances by changes in temperature – if you have a very cold face, or if you are feeling flushed – by embarrassment, by a permanently blotchy skin tone, by rashes (particularly shaving rash as you shave your cheeks) and more. It can also be caused by acne, sunburn or ‘rosacea’ which is a condition where the blood vessels in the face dilate rapidly and cause flushing on the cheeks, nose and forehead.

This can be a source of embarrassment as it results in an uneven skin tone which many find less attractive and it can be mistaken for being very hot (perhaps a sign of being unfit) or a sign of embarrassment. The irony is that the redder you get the more embarrassed you become creating a vicious circle.

Short Term Solutions

In many cases the red cheeks are caused by heat. In this scenario something you can do then in this scenario is to chew on or suck ice. This will cool the whole body and thus bring down the colour of the cheeks. Just drinking cold water can have a similar effect. You can also cool your face down topically by cooling the area – excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and just splash some cold water onto your face, or alternatively you can use a spritzer and carry around a small spray bottle of water. Alternatively if your red cheeks are a result of cold winds on your face, then you can of course reduce the redness by warming them up and giving them protection – perhaps by wrapping a towel around your face. If you have any allergies then you should try to identify them and then of course avoid using those products/eating those foods. If your redness is a recent occurrence then you may well have an allergy – and it might even be an allergy for something that you’ve used safely for a long time as it is possible to develop allergies at any time.

If your redness is caused by psychological causes such as nervousness or embarrassment then this will be a result of elevating blood pressure as a result of your heart beating faster in response to adrenaline production. To reduce this, try slowing your heart beat by controlling your breathing more closely. Take deep breaths and count to four on each exhalation and inhalation making sure to completely fill and then empty your lungs. Using a heart rate monitor it is possible to more closely monitor your progress and to learn to more precisely control your heart rate. This is called ‘biofeedback’.

Long Term Solutions

Alternatively your redness might come from your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure this means that the red blood cells will be brought closer to the surface of the skin when the blood is pumped around the face leading to your looking ‘flushed’. To avoid this you should improve your cardiac fitness and try to keep your blood pressure low. If you are overweight then try to reduce your number of calories and in any case increase aerobic exercise. Meanwhile avoid foods high in fat and salt, and try to consume more fibre and drink more water. Some foods, such as garlic, are particularly good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you have an uneven skin tone then this can be solved in several ways. If a routine of exfoliating and moisturising is unsuccessful, then you might want to try a process called ‘laser genesis’ which uses low-powered lasers to get rid of dead and unwanted skin cells.

Covering Up

Finally if none of these methods work, you may just wish to cover up your redness with makeup. To do this effectively, first wash your face with a product that is suited to sensitive skin then dry. From here, pat your face with a towel or air dry it and then use a moisturiser. Some of these are specifically designed to reduce redness. Then use a concealer using a sponge to the red areas – avoid using your fingers which can create oil. Then brush the face with a powder of the top to completely even the skin tone out.


  1. I know how to do that but how do I reduce redness if my skin is naturally red? Because I do have naturally red skin and I am only young so I would like to live free without putting makeup on.

  2. I know how to do that but how do I reduce redness if my skin is naturally red? Because I do have naturally red skin and I am young so I would like to live free without putting makeup on.

  3. keep up the jolly good work 😉

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