How to Get Rid of Flesh Scars?

Flesh scars are the result of any wound that penetrates through to damage the ‘dermis’ layer of your skin. This then heals differently and the skin cells that fuse the damage back together appear different from your normal skin cells. What this results on a visible layer is your face or other body part having a visible line across it where you were scarred and this for many people can be quite distressing if they find it unattractive. Sufferers of scars will often feel as though they are unlikely to be able to get rid of something that has been around for so long though – scars are by definition enduring. However if you know how to treat your skin correctly it is actually highly possible to reduce the appearance of scars from your face and other body parts and in some cases to remove them altogether. Failing this there are most certainly methods to make them less visible in the short term too. Here we will look at some techniques to try.


If you have a scar then it might be on a raise area of your skin and this might be thick and can make your scar appear more prominent. Fortunately it is possible to break up some of the rougher tissue in order to restore your skin’s smoothness – simply make a habit of gently rubbing and manipulating the area and do it on a semi regular basis. This is particularly possible on the lip where you will be able to reach both sides of the scar to massage down the lump.


There are many creams and products that can help you to reduce scarring and these will generally contain vitamin E as well as cocoa butter. These are both substances that the body can use in order to make repairs to the skin, and will help to rejuvenate the area when applied topically. These creams might also include such things as the vitamins A and C, zinc, honey or Aloe Vera. Many will also include oils aimed at provide the scar tissue with moisture and giving it back its suppleness. One of the best products for reducing the appearance of scars is ‘Bio Oil’ which attempts to penetrate the skin more deeply in order to help the vitamins and other ingredients make more effect. These will generally improve your skin over a fair amount of time, though some are certainly less effective.


Vitamin E is no doubt the ‘secret’ ingredient in most face creams. However you will not necessarily need to invest in expensive creams and products if you do not wish to or do not have the money. Instead then try buying vitamin E capsules intended for dietary consumption, and then pop these to reveal the ‘juice’ and try rubbing this into your scarred areas.

Lemon Juice

Some people believe that lemon juice can ‘bleach’ the appearance of their scars and lead to long term favourable results. While this is not a verified claim, as lemons are inexpensive and normally abundant there is no real reason not to at least try testing this theory.


There are a range of surgical methods to reduce or alter the appearance of scars for those who are really unhappy with them. These range from skin grafts which are fairly invasive, to using laser surgery to even out the skin tone – which is a lot less invasive and can have other positive effects on your complexion.


Another quite invasive procedure to remove scarring is to receive topical steroid injections which will trigger the body to replace the tissue.


For a short term fix using either concealer or foundation is a good way to lessen the appearance of scars for a night out or special occasion. The trick here is not to try and completely hide the scar so that it cannot be seen at all, but instead to just lessen it is appearance which will be more natural and less noticeable.

While there are many different techniques that are widely used to lessen the appearance of scars, the main goal should be to try and reduce the scarring and to come to terms with your appearance. Your scars will fade gradually with time and most techniques such as vitamin E cream will only slightly speed this up. Find ways to wear your makeup (if you are female) that negate some of the scars effects on you, and see it as a visual reminder of a part of your life, like a more natural tattoo. If you are male then you might even find that some girls find them sexy…

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