How to Cure Puffy Eyes

Here are several approaches for quick fixes to relieve puffy eyes:

• Fatigue may cause the swollen of eyes and giving your body enough rest can lessen the inflammation. Sleep deprivation is also contributing factor for this.

• Cold temperature can make your blood vessels tighten. Place a chilled eye mask for ten to fifteen minutes. Chilled leftover cucumber or teabags (chamomile tea bags are the most effective) can be a replacement in eye mask if it is not available. Of course, ice bag is still the universal first aid as first resolution to address this problem.

• It is a natural body reaction for eyes to get red and swollen after we shed tears. Use natural honey and apply it to puffy eyes. Do not panic if you feel a burning sensation around it. Rinse the residue of honey after 20 minutes using cold water.

• Remember that cold temperature encourages blood vessels to constrict. Therefore, drink plenty of water and beverages for better fluid drainage. Best way to reduce the swollen is keeping your body hydrated. Try this for long period of time and you can see the best result.

• Apply cream with vitamin E and Aloe. These are great in soothing eyes.

• Salty food can only worsen the condition of your eyes. Refrain from too much sodium intake for it retains excess fluid and by tucking the fluid away can reduce the swelling. Observe healthy diet for fast recovery. Cabbage and cranberry juice are diuretics lessening the excess fluid while raisins and bananas can only alleviate the fluid retention. Never take caffeine if you don’t like to bring back your puffy eyes. You will stay awake all night long.

• Do not rub your eyes because it would aggravate the irritation. Be patient to endure the annoying painful reaction of swollen eyes. It may take hours or days before the inflammation subside.

• Before you go to sleep please take note to remove contact lenses. Sometimes due to an exhausted day, you do not care to remove this from your eyes and many problems happened from that simple act of carelessness.

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