How to Get Rid of a Black Eye

Having a big ‘shiner’ over your eye might be a badge of honour for some, but for most of us it can be highly off putting and embarrassing. It is not attractive, it is painful and people will automatically wonder where you got it from. As such many people will want to try and speed up the recovery of their black eye or to remove it altogether.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye

The good news is that a black eye will usually clear up on its own after around a week – of course with variation for the different severities of injury. To speed up this process follow the following steps. For the best chance of reducing the appearance of your black eye try to address the issue as soon after you acquire the bruise as possible.

Step 1.

First of all you should apply cold compression to your eye socket. Ice wrapped up in a towel will work fine, or a bag of frozen peas if you do not have any ice to hand. The rumour about raw steak being a good treatment is a fallacy which is probably just as well… If your eye was hit badly in the accident or if you suspect you may have a fractured eye socket then you should seek medical attention immediately. A fractured eye socket is a serious condition that can have complications with your eye. There is also a chance you may need stitches if the skin has broken across the eye socket.

Step 2.

Assuming the damage is more cosmetic than structural you should next take a pain killer that has anti-inflammatory properties. This will prevent your eye from ballooning up quite as badly, and will also keep your pain levels down.

Step 3.

At 48 hours after the accident you can change from cold compression and start using warm compression. This will help to get the blood flowing to the area and carrying the essential minerals and vitamins to help heal the area.

Step 4.

If your eye is also cut then try using a cream containing vitamin D which can promote healing around the skin.

Step 5.

Get lots of sleep to which will help repair wounds by putting you in an anabolic state and increasing your production of growth hormone.

Step 6.

While the area is healing you might be able to help the healing process by gently massaging the area. Do not apply too much pressure though and stop if it hurts.

Step 7.

Try to keep your head elevated to avoid filling your head with too much pressure. When you sleep try to sleep in an upright position and certainly avoid lying on your black eye.

Step 8.

While you wait for your black eye to heal you can reduce the appearance by using makeup in the area such as concealer or foundation. Likewise you might choose to cover up your black eye with a carefully crafted hair style, or with dark shades. This won’t help it heal as such but can help you to feel less self-conscious while you are out and about.

Step 9.

If the bruise has not healed after two weeks then you should see a doctor who will give you further advice on how to remove the black eye.

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  1. Thank you for this article, I followed it step by step & in 5 days my black eye is already turning yellow from healing!

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