How to Stop Chicken Pox From Itching

Chicken pox is an unpleasant condition that leaves the victim feeling ill and generally unwell while also causing the appearance of multiple red, itchy spots.

In most cases this is not a serious condition and is self-limiting meaning it will end on its own after a period of time. However during its life span the spots can be highly irritating and cause you to itch, which will only make matters worse and can result in the formation of permanent scars. As such it is important to avoid itching or scratching the spots, even though this may be difficult. This is particularly tricky in the case of children who typically have slightly less self control and who may not appreciate the long-term implications of scratching off the lesions. Here then we will address some ways to prevent the pox from itching and to prevent children (and adults) from itching them.

Use pain killers: Some pain killers will help to suppress the discomfort of the pox as well as pain. However you should check with your doctor first and you should avoid using Aspirin which can cause complications when taken with chicken pox.

Dress lightly: Light clothing will not rub on the pox and will allow cool air to circulate around the body. Choose loosely fitting t-shirts or cottons.

Apply cool water: Taking a cool bath can help to reduce the itchiness of pox, as can applying a cold wet flannel to particularly angry areas.

Use colloidal oatmeal: Colloidal oatmeal is a ground powder that can be purchased from drug stores. Placed in the bath it can provide cooling and soothing. Baking soda has also been shown to work. Some people will also use vinegar in their bath.

Calamine lotion: This is a topical anaesthetic which can be applied directly onto the angriest pox.

Avoid the sun: Sun burn and sun exposure can severely exacerbate chicken pox so it is important to avoid sun exposure during chicken pox and during the build up. Use a sun screen with a high SPF if you are going outside (30-60).

Drypotex: Drypotex is an anti-itching formula that many people find to be effective relief.

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