What Causes Microscarring?

Microscarring is the appearance of small indented lines that occur with ageing. This happens when the collagen in an area of the skin is no longer produced, or because areas of the skin are damages, creating a rift where the skin is less ‘padded’. While these are caused naturally through ageing, there are many lifestyle choices that can contribute to their worsening, and there are thus also many lifestyle changes and treatments you can use to lessen the problem.

Here we will address some of the causes of microscarring so that you can avoid them in order to reduce the problem as well as possible.

Free radicals: Free radicals are substances in the body that damage cells. These are caused by some of the things we eat, as well as the sun’s rays and other things. Because these also damage the skin cells this can result in microscarring. To avoid this problem you can use antioxidants which are found in foods and as supplements and which counteract the effects of free radicals thus ensuring the skin is less likely to be damaged by them. To protect the skin cells even more efficiently you can use the specific antioxidant ‘resveratrol’ which as well as destroying free radicals also helps to provide a defensive layer around the cells (the mitochondria).

The sun: As mentioned free-radical damage can also come from radiation in the sun. To help avoid this further then you should use a sun block to reflect the harmful UV rays. You should also just avoid sun bathing too often – there are many other ways to tan including using self-tanning moisturiser which will not damage your skin in any way.

Lack of makeup: While it will not prevent microscarring, using foundation can be useful to fill the rifts with skin-coloured powder and thereby create the impression of an even skin tone and fewer wrinkles.

Age: Of course age is one of the main causes of microscarring, and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this. However a range of anti-ageing products aim to fight many of the effects of ageing by providing vitamins and nutrients to the skin. The best of these will contain vitamins A and E. Bio-Oil is a great product used for combating wrinkles, microscarring, other scars as well as stretch marks and a range of other conditions.

Loose skin: If the problem is one that is causing you a great deal of anxiety, then you might want to consider using laser treatment. This uses powerful lasers for a range of different results, one of which is to tighten the skin which stretches it and so makes it appear more even.

Dead skin cells: Exfoliating will clear away dead skin cells and other unwanted substances from the skin. Thus it will not actually prevent microscarring either, but it will mean that more of your skin is more level.

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