How to Get a Ring Off Your Finger

It is very discouraging when something happens to cause a ring to get stuck on your finger. In fact, sometimes it can even cause you to panic. Just about everyone has at one time or another tried a ring on that was too small, only to have it get stuck, or has had their finger swell for some reason. The most important thing to do is to remain calm. Freaking out over the ring being stuck on your finger will not do you a bit of good. Slow down and gather your thoughts and then try some of the following suggestions.

Soap the Ring Off

One of the most popular strategies for people who have gotten a ring stuck on their finger is the old soap and water method. Simply put your hands under warm water and then pour a generous amount of dish soap on your finger, work it up into a nice lather and gently slide the ring up and down until the soap gets underneath. In most cases this will do the trick and the ring will slide off with a little bit of effort. If this method does not work, don’t get upset, there are a few other options to try.

Try to Reduce Swelling

If you finger has become swollen due to some sort if injury, the first thing you should do is try and get the swelling in your finger down. Try elevating the finger over your head while holding an ice pack on it. If the finger has swollen so much that the ring is actually cutting off your circulation, you may need to seek medical attention right away. Medical facilities such as emergency rooms have special tools which can be used to cut the ring off. Obviously, this should be a last resort, especially if it is a wedding ring or another type of sentimental ring.

Petroleum Jelly

In some cases, when the soap and water has not worked, it may be necessary to use something a little bit more slippery, such as petroleum jelly. Take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and smear it all over the area above and below the ring. Turn the ring several times to get the petroleum jelly under it good. Begin sliding the ring up and down your finger until you are able to work it over the knuckle. Some people do not like this method because it can be difficult to clean the ring once it is removed. Petroleum jelly is very thick and extremely sticky. It can easily become caked up around a gemstone and be a nightmare to get out.

Plastic Cling Wrap

Some people swear by using some sort of plastic cling wrap to remove rings. To remove a ring using plastic wrap, simply take a small piece of the cling wrap and envelope the finger just above the ring. At this point you will want to use some sort of lubricant such as petroleum jelly or dish soap and apply it generously to the cling wrap and the ring. Let it sit for a few minutes and then pull downward on the cling wrap and the ring at the same time. The plastic wrap works by offering more to actually grab and pull.

Wrap Tape Around Your Finger

Another thing that people often try and sometimes find success with is wrapping tape around the finger just below the ring, greasing up the tape and the ring and then trying to slide the ring down over the tape. The reason this works is because the tape is wrapped tightly around the knuckle, holding the loose skin a bit firmer. This can make sliding the ring down over the knuckle a lot easier. The best kind of tape to use is a thin tape, such as scotch tape or something similar. You do not want to use thick tape as this will defeat your purpose.

Wait Until Swelling Has Gone Down When Possible

If you have tried everything on this list and are still faced with the dilemma of having a ring stuck on your finger it may be time to make a decision. If the ring is not causing you any problems and you just want to take it off, you may need to wait a day or so to see if you can take it off. Sometimes temporary water retention can cause your ring size to fluctuate. If the ring has become stuck because you have put weight on since it was first put on your finger, you may need to shed a few pounds and then try taking the ring off. If you absolutely must have the ring removed and cannot do so on your own, you may need to consult a jeweler to see if perhaps they can assist you in cutting the ring off.

In some cases, even if a ring has been cut off, it can be repaired and resized to fit you. Try not to be discouraged if you come to the conclusion your ring will have to be ruined in order to be removed. Precious metals such as gold can easily be melted and molded into just about any shape. Unless your ring is made of plastic, you will be able to have it fixed and restored back to new in no time. The only difference is it may actually fit you after it has been repaired.

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