How to Remove Hyperpigmentation Scars

Hyperpigmentation scars occur when a darkening of the skin in one area caused by the overproduction of skin pigment causes the appearance of a dark ‘mark’ on the skin. These scars can make your skin appear blotchy or uneven and they can in some cases be a source of embarrassment depending on their size and location. The good news for those with these scars however is that they can safely be treated from home in a number of ways. Here we will look at some treatments for hyperpigmentation scars.

1. Apply a bleaching lotion that contains ‘hydroquinone’ which will lighten the scars. These creams can relatively easily remove the scars completely over around 2-3 months.

2. Use a chemical peel. These procedures are carried out by dermatologists and involve an acid solution that will peel off the outer layer of skin. As this is where the pigmentation is held it will mean that the scars are removed along with that layer.

3. Use aloe vera on the areas. This contains something called mucilaginous polysacharide (or MPS) which slowly lightens and heals the scars over 12-16 weeks. Massage into the scars for around ten minutes every day and leave it on overnight.

4. You should also be careful to protect the hyperpigmented areas from UV rays. As such you should always apply a high SPF sun block (35 or above) to the areas before heading outside – otherwise they will darken further and this will reverse any progress made.

5. To cover up the patches in the short term you may opt to use makeup and you can use either a foundation or concealer to lessen the appearance of the scars.

6. Subsequently avoid too much sun exposure as hyperpigmentation is often caused by too much sun.

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