How to Find Singles in Your Area

Whenever you’re browsing online, it doesn’t take long for an advert to pop up promising to help you ‘find singles in your area’. These are usually for slightly dodgy dating sites that are generally filled with spyware and don’t have much in the way of real singles in your area to offer, and particularly not ones who look like they do in the adverts.

However while these sites aren’t particularly genuinely or effective, the prospect of meeting lots of singles near you remains inviting. So how can you go about finding local singles? Here we will look at some methods.


While the sites that pop up are not usually to be trusted, that doesn’t mean that the internet is not a place to find local singles and there are many dating sites that a lot of people have a lot of success with. Many of these are completely free too, and it only requires you to sign up and make an account. The difference between these sites, and the sites that popped up are that you actually looked for them – which is a good way to spot good things online generally – only trust the things that you were looking for, not the ones that found you.

At the same time it doesn’t hurt to read some reviews and find what the best dating sites are. Some popular ones are ‘Matched’, ‘FaceParty’, ‘OKCupid’ and ‘CasualKiss’. While some others will also ask for some payment this can usually be taken as a sign that they are at least fairly legitimate.

Then to find singles in your area all you have to do is to do a search using the location as one of the parameters. You can then start chatting to the ones you like the look of and seeing what other properties are matched to hopefully find someone who is compatible in multiple ways.

Go to clubs

Of course the handy thing about looking for singles in your area is that they are local which means it’s easy for you to find them without travelling. The best way to find single people then is to get out and meet as many people as possible. At the same time though you need to be in a position where you can speak to them and get some idea as to their personality and their relationship status. One great way to do this is by going to clubs and classes – perhaps these could be martial arts, dancing or arts. People go to such clubs in order to learn a skill, but many people also go there in order to meet other local people and often potential partners. This is great if your job doesn’t create many situations for you to meet new people. Dance classes are particularly good for meeting singles, especially if it’s a slower dance like salsa or ballroom.

Go to speed dating

Speed dating is good fun, but it is also a legitimate way to meet people that you might be interested in who are sure to live locally. Best of all you know that everyone is single, and you don’t have to risk asking them for their number.

Ask friends

If you are struggling to meet someone then friends and family can usually help you by setting you up with their like minded single friends and family. This way the people you are being introduced to are definitely single, and they have also been ‘vetoed’ by your friends so you know you’re likely to get on with them. Ask to be introduced to some singles at parties, or if you’re really brave, ask to be set up on a blind date.

Go to a singles’ bar

There are loads of singles’ bars and while not everyone in there will be single, you still stand to meet a much higher proportion of single people. At the same time being in a bar as opposed to a club will mean you can chat to people you’re interested in so you’re more likely to find someone you get on with and want to stay in touch with after the night is over.

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