How to Get in Touch With Old Friends

Have you ever had someone from your past just suddenly pop into your head for no reason? Often a person you haven’t thought about in years will just come to mind and leave you wondering what ever happened to him/her. Today, thanks to modern technology, many of the people we have known and have somehow lost touch with are just a few clicks away. However, in some cases we will have to dig a bit deeper to find our dear old friends. The following strategies have proven helpful for people looking for old classmates or co-workers that they would like to get in touch with.


Facebook is perhaps the best solution for reaching old friends. Almost everyone today has a facebook account. If they don’t then they at least know someone who does. You can search for your old friends by the high school they went to, geographic location, name or e-mail address. The good news is that even if you cannot find your friend specifically, you can usually find someone else who knows your friend as well, and has a facebook account. This can be very helpful if the person you are looking for has had a name change due to marriage. Sometimes you will have to go through mutual friends “friend lists” in order to find the person you are actually looking for.


Up until recently MySpace was the only social networking site that allowed people to look up old friends in an online community setting. The only problem with MySpace seems to be in the fact that you must know your friend’s MySpace ID or current e-mail address to find him/her. In most cases, a name will not be enough information. However, MySpace does have a search by school option that is quite helpful at times. Another way of finding people on MySpace is through mutual friends that you may share.

If you are looking for an old school buddy you may want to consider becoming a member of There are literally thousands of members from all over the country who have joined this site to look for their former classmates. In addition, this site will let you know which of your old friends may have been searching for you. If nothing else, this site is a lot of fun and may offer you an opportunity to check in on people you haven’t thought about in years, maybe even decades.

Online Telephone Directory

If you have not been able to find your friend on any of the social networking sites which are available online, it may be for several reasons. Firstly, while almost everyone is a member of some sort of social community on the internet, there actually are some people who are not. In addition, if the person you are looking for is female, there is a good possibility she has married and therefore could have a different last name. Another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone uses their real name on such sites. Whatever the case may be, a good solution would be to try looking your friend up on an online telephone directory. You can search by city and state or state alone if you are not sure what city your friend may live in.

Look for Mutual Friends

If you still have not had any luck finding the old friend you have been searching for there is another way. Make a list of all of the people you think would be most likely to keep in touch with the person you are looking for. Start searching for them one by one. If you should happen find one of them but that person has not kept in touch with your friend, try asking about the other people on your list incase the person you have found has keep in touch with any of them. Sometimes you have to do quite a bit of investigating before you actually locate your friend but this is one method that is almost sure to give you results.

Look for Family Members

Another excellent way of finding an old friend is to find that person’s family. Start with your friends parents and see if perhaps they are listed in the white pages. If you cannot find a parent listed, try looking up each of your friend’s siblings. If you went to school with the friend you are looking for then the most obvious place to begin your search would be in whatever town the two of you lived in. If your search is not successful in your home town, try to remember any details that friend may have told you about other family members who might have lived in other areas. For example, if you went to school with someone by the name of Carla Bannon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL but she had actually moved there from Philadelphia, you may look for Bannons in Philadelphia to see if any of them are her family members.

The most important thing to remember is that often you may have to repeat some of the above methods of searching. Your friend may not be a member of facebook today but might very well join tomorrow. Just because you don’t find your friend on the first go around does not mean you should give up easily. Keep in mind, where there is a will there is a way. With modern technology the way it is today, it has become increasingly easy to find long lost friends.

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