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If you have always wanted to grow your hair long but have not had the patience to do so, there are a few tips and tricks to growing your hair long without a lot of hassle. Whether you are a male or female, it can be very simple to grow your hair long. Keep in mind that your hair will not grow long instantly and that it will take some time. Human hair only grows about a ½ an inch per month depending on age, genetics, the time of year and a number of other factors. Using this rule of thumb, you can expect your hair to grow about 6 inches per year, give or take. This growth will always occur, however, certain factors may cause it to seem as if your hair is not growing at all or is growing at a snail’s pace. The following article will outline some of the reasons your hair may not appear to be growing, as well as some useful information on what you can do to speed the process a bit.

Why Won’t My Hair Grow?

Even if you are trying to grow your hair long, you will need to have it trimmed regularly. The reason for this is that hair which is not trimmed will eventually begin to split and break off. This can make you think your hair isn’t growing when in fact it is really breaking off due to damage and split ends. Another problem that causes people’s hair not to grow correctly is improper nutrition. If you do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be able to thrive, your hair will suffer as well. Your hair must be properly cared for as well as your overall health.

Avoid Over Cleansing

Many people make the mistake of washing their hair everyday. In fact some people even think nothing of taking to or three showers per day in which they shampoo their hair each time. This is absolutely horrible for your hair as it strips its natural oils out. This will result in dry, poor conditioned, dull and brittle hair that will easily break and develop split ends. Your hair needs the oils produce by the sebaceous glands in order to remain healthy and strong. Do not shampoo more than once every other day, unless you have extremely oily hair that must be washed daily. Use a good conditioner on the days you do not shampoo. This will keep your hair manageable and smelling nice without having to use shampoo. If you have very dry hair you may even get away with holding off on the shampoo for three days at a time. If you are trying to grow your hair long this is a very important step.

Do Not Over Brush

There was a time when it was suggested that 100 strokes a day with a hair brush would help hair grow. This is only partially true. Using a natural boar’s hair brush will stimulate the sebaceous glands and help bring the oil down into the hair but excessive brushing with the wrong type of brush or forcing a brush through your hair can lead to breakage. If you would like to brush your hair in order to stimulate your scalp, be sure to remove all the tangles with a wide tooth detangler comb, prior to brushing.

Never Brush Wet Hair

Never under any circumstances should you use any type of brush on wet hair. This will cause severe breakage and split ends. Always use a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out of wet hair. If you plan on blowing your hair dry, use a special blow drying brush that is designed not to cause trauma to your hair. Remember to always start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up when trying to remove tangles from your hair. Never pull or rip a comb or brush through your hair. If you are experiencing a lot of tangling, put some conditioner on your hair and gently run your comb through it until all of the knots are gone.

Apply Protein Treatments Once a Month

There are a variety of deep conditioning treatments sold in salons and beauty supply stores. Look for hydrolyzed proteins as it is small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft for optimal results. Steer clear of any products that have any kind of alcohol listed as one of the first ingredients. When using a good deep penetrating protein pack, warp your head with some sort of plastic wrap or cap and put your head in a heating cap for about 20 minutes. Heating caps are much like heating pads except they are shaped to fit over your head. Once the 20 minutes have passed, rinse with the coolest water you can stand; doing this will help close the cuticle and give you a smoother finish, as well as locking in the protein.

If you are growing your hair from short to long, you will get to a point where your hair will not do anything. It will be void of any style and basically look boring and even shaggy. This is known as the “middle stage” and at this point most people give up and cut their hair. Don’t do it! Try and find alternatives such as barrettes, hair clips, pony tails or other methods of making your hair look decent as it grows. Remember, it won’t take forever to grow your hair but you absolutely must be diligent and patient. This will certainly pay off in the long run, no pun intended.

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