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Most of the time when we want to have shiny nails, we go to a nail salon and have a manicure in which the technician applies a coat of clear, shiny polish as a finish. This is one great way to achieve shiny nails but not everyone has the money to go to a nail salon and have a professional manicure done. For this reason there are a lot of people who choose to perform their own manicures at home. There is no reason to believe that a person cannot care for his/her own nails without having to seek a professional. Nail care is really quite simple and can be done quite economically.

Remember That Healthy Nails Come From Within

Many people make the mistake of applying all sorts of expensive products which claim to strengthen their nails and make them healthier. Unfortunately, these people are often disappointed when their nails continue to break and maintain a dull and fragile look. It is important to realize that your finger nails and the way they appear may have a lot to do with what is happening inside your body. There are many factors such as vitamin deficiency and illness which can cause the nails to become brittle and unhealthy. Making sure you get a good balance of essential vitamins and minerals is a great way to start realizing healthier nails.

Gelatin for Healthy Nails

Because gelatin is comprised of high collagen protein, it is wonderful when used to strengthen nails or thicken hair. Gelatin capsule and supplements can be found in almost all health food stores. In addition, gelatin can be found in the baking section of your local grocer. Eating jello desserts is another great way of getting gelatin in your diet. Your nails are made of keratin which is a natural protein. By adding protein supplements such as the protein found in gelatin, you are essentially feeding your nails. Nails will become less brittle and will appear much healthier.

Buffing for a Polished Look

Using a gentle, non-abrasive nail buffer will help keep the nail surface smooth and free of grooves or waviness. Remember to use buffers which have been designed for use on natural nails and not those which were created to buff acrylic. Those buffers will be much too coarse and will ultimately lead to wearing down the nails surface. When using the buffer use gentle side to side strokes and remember, you are not trying to file the nail down, you are only buffing the surface slightly.

Topical Lotions and Treatments

Now that you understand that the appearance of your nails will largely depend on your overall health, you can begin looking for products that work on the surface of your nails. You can use these products just after buffing but before the finishing polish is applied. There are a lot of really great products that have been created specifically to condition your nails. Look for products which contain cocoa butter as this is an excellent ingredient to use on finger nails when the goal is a brilliant shine. You will also want to use products which penetrate into the nail, such as those who list hydrolyzed keratin protein as one of the main ingredients. Whenever you see the term “hydrolyzed” in relation to protein it simply indicates that the protein molecules are small enough to penetrate through the nails surface.

Instant Shine

Of course it is simple to add a very nice shine to your nails if you are getting ready for a special occasion or you just want to improve the look of your nails. Take a cotton ball and clean any existing polish off your nails with nail polish remover. The non-acetone version of polish remover is less stressful on the surface of your nails. Once you have removed any nail polish from your nails, take your buffer and just hit each nail a few times so the polish will adhere better. Take a clear maximum shine polish and apply a thin coat. Allow that to dry and apply a second coat. This will give your nails a nice shine without making them look over done. In addition, this method can be used for women or men alike.

There is something about shiny nails that make a person’s attire look complete. If a person is well dressed and well groomed but has dull and unkept finger nails, it tends to take away from that individual’s appearance. In order to look your best, pay special attention to your finger nails at least twice a week. Remember healthy and shiny nails are attainable for just about anyone with a little extra care. Giving your nails all the care they need is not expensive and does not require a trip to the nail salon.

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