Capricorn Relationship Traits


According to Astrologers, Capricorn is a hard worker who strives to get things done. They will work hard at a task within the social order and have an overwhelming sense of duty – sometimes at the expense of other aspects of life. Capricorn is also relatively shy and risk averse and has a cool and reticent exterior which hides a wealth of dedication and passion underneath. The difficulty is in getting Capricorn to open up and to expose their passion and their enthusiasm. They are slow to commit to a relationship or a task, but once they drop their cool exterior they can be overwhelming in their generosity of character.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorn can take a while to warm up and can at first be cold and reserved. This means that perseverance is required to get Capricorn to open up and to give themselves to the relationship. A partner looking for a relationship with Capricorn then needs to be ready to do the leg work to begin with, and they might even feel unappreciated at first as though Capricorn is doing them a favour by being with them.

However once Capricorn has opened up to the relationship they will likely be of an entirely different disposition and to throw themselves into the relationship and work at it in a highly dedicated and loyal manner. It can often surprise others to find just how passionate you are in a relationship and in the bedroom after seeing you as such a cool and defensive character from the start. They will be committed to the success of the relationship in the long term.

Still though, material possessions and success will remain high on Capricorn’s agenda. Thus they are likely to be ‘married to the job’ as it were, and you may find that their sense of duty to their careers overrides or collides with their sense of duty to you. As time wears on then you may again find that they again become more distant and formal. Often Capricorn is similarly formal rather than relaxed and natural when raising children. Of course as such a dedicated worker they will tend to be stable providers for a family, but often don’t have quite the imagination or creativity to succeed beyond a corporate structure.


To love a Capricorn you will need patience and the ability to force them to open up. At the same time though you will need to be prepared to be able to let your partner be independent and to support them in their dedication to their job.

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