Leo Star Sign Love Traits

When it comes to the star signs, Leo is the proud lion – the king of the animals – and in many ways this is reflected in their personality. The Leo is alleged to be at once proud and flamboyant, an extrovert to the fullest and generous with their time and their affection. They are likely to enjoy living life to the fullest which will be reflected in everything from what they eat (large hearty meals) to what they own and what they do. They are thought to be highly charming and charismatic and natural leaders. So how does this all affect the way they view and behave in relationships?

Leo in Relationships – Positive Traits

First of all, Leo is believed to be generous and warm hearted as well as highly extravagant. They will cherish their partner and shower them with attention, gifts and romantic gestures. They have a craving for adventure and for excitement so you can expect to be invited along on many exciting activities and this will result in a lifestyle that’s never boring.

At the same time they are also fiercely loyal and honourable, so you can expect to feel safe and comfortable dating a Leo and rest assured that they won’t stray. They are also highly open, warm, protective, honest and friendly meaning that you can expect to feel at all times safe and get to know them very well. At the same time if you are quite closed off and quiet yourself then they will likely force you to open up. They are highly positive and optimistic and have a sunny disposition reflecting the August month they were born in and this can create a very happy environment and be great reassurance in a crisis. They are very passionate and have a high libido so expect the bedroom to be put to good use.

While Leo can be quite vein and self absorbed at times this too has advantages – they will strive for greatness and this means they are often stable providers, while their high probability of regularly working out/preening will probably mean that they stay looking young and attractive even into old age.

Leo in a Relationship – Negative Traits

A Leo can however exhibit some traits that might make the relationship less than perfect. Leo’s tend to be very self absorbed and vein and this can mean that they occasionally put themselves first or don’t stop to think of their partners needs. At the same time just as they are very loving and passionate, they can also at times have a fiery temper if they feel their dignity and honour has been tarnished. They could be described then as ‘hot headed’ and might be prone to temper tantrums which may seem a tad petulant – this is also partly due to the fact that they tend to get their own way.

At the same time Leo can be quite over protective and in some ways needy and insecure (their brazen pride is often an ego-defence mechanism). This might lead them to refuse to let small issues drop and to struggle to understand when it’s better simply to back off and let their partner simmer. This occasional insecurity can also come out in other ways and while Leo can be very warm and charming, they particularly enjoy being noticed to be as such and they are very receptive to praise as opposed to criticism. Their ego defences can also sometimes make it hard for them to empathise with others making them seem somewhat unsympathetic and harsh.

Finally Leo’s pride and optimism can lead them to be quite deluded and to deny problems or imperfections exist. They likely idealise the romance they are in and to refuse to acknowledge difficulties or to allow for easy break ups. Leo is committed to the relationship working and sometimes needs their partner to put things in perspective for them.


The right partner for Leo will be calm and will allow them their exuberances and their flights of fancy. After a day of exploration or career pursuits Leo will appreciate a partner they can come home to and relax with, but who is also willing to go along with them for the ride and maintain an open mind. However at times Leo’s partner will need to be frank with them and to bring them back down to Earth to keep them grounded and stop their ego running away with them.

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