Libra Relationship Characteristics

Libra is represented by a set of scales, and this is because of Libra’s desire for balance and fairness. Libra can tend to be the devil’s advocate when describing a problem or a difficulty which can sometimes be frustrating for those who just want to vent and who don’t necessarily want to see the other perspective. This fair view however comes from a very deep seated desire for balance and for harmony in all aspects of life. This fairness however can sometimes also cause them to be very cautious in decision making.

Libra in Love

As a result of Libra’s desire for peace and for balance, relationships tend to be very relaxed and placid and they will tend to see your point of view in an argument as well leading to a more balanced relationship. However at the same time they can sometimes be somewhat naïve in their belief in balance and like some other air signs may not be able to fully understand the complexities of an adult relationship.

A lack of decision making can also cause your relationship to stagnate somewhat and not move on much. They may also get upset if reality doesn’t match up to their idealistic view of the world.

That said it is important to recognise that this need for balance comes from a very caring and sensitive nature, and this ensures that the Libra makes for a very thoughtful and caring partner and one who will do their very best to be reasonable and fair in your relationship and to try and make sure everyone around them is happy too. Libra is also very elegant and glamorous, and will tend to be very fashionable and well presented at all times. Their openness and willingness to see things fairly and with an open mind will mean that they are always open to new fun experiences and to take an interest in their partners’ lives and activities. Lastly, Libra is a very sensuous and passionate star sign and enjoys closeness and romance.

Making it Work

If you are dating a Libra then you will enjoy a very pleasant, fair and open-minded partner who looks glamorous and enjoys closeness. However they can be somewhat air-headed when it comes to their view of balance and can be paralysed by a fear of getting things wrong. It is important to be assertive and to playfully take control when their partner cannot. Two indecisive partners could result in nothing ever getting done!

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