How to Curl Your Hair

It is a peculiar fact of life but people who have curly hair often wish they could have straight hair and people with straight hair wish they had curls. The good news is either group can achieve the look they want with very little hassle. If you are of the latter group and would like to transform your straight hair into a beautiful cascade of curls, there are a number of ways to go about doing that. Following are some of the more common strategies people use to accomplish gorgeous curls that will last all day or even months!

Getting a Perm Put In

If you would like to have curls that are wash and go, you may opt for a perm. There are a number of options for short or long hair, and for tight or loose curls. For example, if you just want to add a nice wave to hair that is board straight and limp, you might ask your stylist to give you what is called a body wave. The process requires much wider rods and that is what causes the curls to be looser. If you want a tight curl then you will want to go with smaller rods. Remember, the smaller the rod the tighter the curl. Use caution because too tight of curls can result in frizzy hair that is hard to manage.

Use a Curling Iron

Using a curling iron is a great way to get curls that will last all day long. Be sure to use some sort of mousse or gel in order to hold the curls in place for a longer period of time. Make certain the product you put in your hair dries completely before using the curling iron or your hair could burn. They also have products which help protect your hair from heat styling. Be sure never to hold the hot curling iron on your hair for to long as this could also cause burning.

Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are great for women who would like a nice soft curl that is evenly distributed. It is much easier to achieve an even curl with hot rollers because you section your hair out and roll it all up rather than doing it strand by strand and possible missing some. Just as you would when using a curling iron, be sure you use a product to help keep the curls in place once you take the rollers out. It is best to use a pick to comb your hair after you remove the rollers as using a brush may cause unwanted bulk and a frizzy appearance.

Use Bobby Pins to Create Pin Curls

To use bobby pins to create pins curls the first thing you will want to do is wet your hair. Of course you do not want it to be sopping wet because then it will take much longer to dry. Rather, lightly towels dry your hair before making the pin curls. To make pin curls, section a piece of hair and comb it down smooth, then roll it up as you might an extension chord and fasten it flat against your head with a bobby pin. Repeat until all of the hair is rolled. Place a sleeping cap over your head and either sit under a hair dryer or leave them in over night.

Braid Your Hair

Braiding is a nice way to achieve a nice zig zaggy wave. You can use a series of small braids for a tighter crimped look or you can use one or two large braids for a looser crimp. All you will need is some small elastic bands, a little gel or mousse and a comb. Start by making the hair damp and then applying a bit of your mousse or gel to each strand that will be braided. Proceed until all desired hair is braided and then leave in over night. Remember the longer you leave the braids in the nicer the effect will be.

To Create Tighter Curls on Wavy Hair

If you already have a bit of wave in your hair but would like to accentuate the curls and make them a bit tighter, you can use a blow dryer, a diffuser and some good hair product that has been specifically formulated to sculpt curls. Wash your hair as you normally would, apply some of the product to your hair and attach the diffuser to the end of your blow dryer. Begin by scrunching your hair with you hand and holding it in place while you gently blow the diffuser over each section. Continue scrunching and drying until your hair is dry. Finish by spraying on some sort of curl retention spray.

Triple Barrel Curling Iron

This looks like a cross between a flat iron and a curling iron. It basically has three barrels that are side by side and rather than wrap your hair around the curling iron as you would with a standard model, you simply crimp the hair down and hold for a few seconds. Section the hair out and start at the top of each strand and work your way down. The look you will get from using a triple barrel curling iron will be a cross between gentle waves and a crimped look.

Remember that most of these methods of curling can cause a slight amount of breakage and damage to your hair. It is suggested that anyone curling or heat styling their hair often use some kind of protein enriched intensive damage treatment at least once a week. Also, make sure you use something that protects the hair when using heat on it. Hair is very fragile but with proper precaution and care you can minimize the appearance of damage.

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