How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Sometimes it can be simply painful watching TV or flipping through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. Those faces are all so beautiful and perfectly flawless. It kind of makes you feel like one big blemish in comparison. Try to remember that those people are not real. Well, of course they are real but they have been airbrushed and corrected to the point of perfection. If you are really lucky you may actually get to meet one of them in person at one point or another, and you can be sure that you would see at least a few blemishes as everyone has them from time to time. Another good thing to keep in mind is that being beautiful does not mean you must look like a Barbie doll but it is about how well you care for your body and your skin, as well as how you shine from within. However, if you are struggling with a huge pimple on the tip of your nose right now, this may not be the best time for analogies. The following tips may help you clear up your skin and feel a little bit better about going out in public again.

Wash Your Face

While this sounds like such a simple and useless piece of advice that you have heard a million times, it cannot be taken too lightly. Not only is it important to wash your face regularly but the product you use to wash it with is also quite important. You do not want to use soap on your face; that is you do not want to use drying soap on your face, to put it in a better way. Rather, use a facial cleanser that is specifically formulated for your face. Make sure you buy one that is designed for your particular skin type as well. Remember, acne can be caused not only by oily skin but also by skin that is too dry. If your skin becomes dry what happens is that the oil glands below the surface of your skin begin to produce an excess of oil in order to moisturize your face. This of course can lead to pimples and blackheads. In the same way, if your skin gets too oily your pores will become clogged, also leading to blemishes. Wash your face in the morning when you first wake up, again in the afternoon and just before bed. In addition, if you wear make-up, make sure you wash it off well.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Every so often use a nice gentle exfoliating sponge to softly scrub your face. This may not be something you want to do three times a day but once in the morning is a great way to start your day. Be sure that you use only a sponge that has been designed for use on your face. There are other exfoliating sponges that are much coarser and are intended for use on the other areas of your body, such as arms and legs. Facial exfoliates will be softer and not as shocking to the sensitive skin on your face. Another smart way to exfoliate is to use some sort of facial cleanser that has small micro exfoliating beads in it. Apricot facial scrub is an excellent choice in terms of exfoliating without damage to your skin.

Astringent and Toners

After washing your face, use an astringent or toner to close up your pores and wash away any excess dirt, dead skin or grease that may have remained. This will not only help decrease your chances of clogged pores and blemishes but it will also give you a nice tingly feeling. Your skin will also feel much softer after using a toner, as well as giving you a nice fresh and clean feeling without over drying. Use a new and clean cotton ball with every application to be sure you do not transfer any germs or bacteria to your skin. Bacteria are one of the leading causes of acne and avoiding it like the plague is an excellent strategy in terms of warding off unwanted blemishes.

Moisturizer and Make-Up

Once you have properly cleaned your face and used the toner of your choice it is time to moisturize. Be sure you use an oil free moisturizer as oil will build up on your face and clog your pores. Again, use a moisturizer that is formulated for your type of skin. There are moisturizers for dry skin, oily skin and even combination skin. Using the wrong type of moisturizer can also be detrimental to your skin. It is also a great idea to see that the moisturizer you use has an SPF of at least 15 if you are going to be going out into the sun. The sun can damage and dry your skin and this can cause blemishes as well. If you are going to be wearing some sort of make-up throughout the day, make sure that you use only brands that are marked hypo allergenic and that have been made for people who are prone to skin problems. If you already have a tendency to blemishes then you will want to take great care when purchasing cosmetics.

Acne Medications

Once you have done all of these things and still find that you are breaking out with blemishes, it may be time to use some sort of acne medication. There are a variety of over the counter medications that can be used to help clear your complexion. If none of these seem to be doing the job then you might want to consult a dermatologist. Some forms of acne are caused by hormonal imbalances and will not clear up just by using any of the above methods. This type of acne will require treatment to correct the hormonal imbalance. Some doctors prescribe certain birth control pills that contain a good mix of hormones for women who are suffering from hormonal acne.

Remember that becoming blemish free is a matter of developing a good routine and sticking to it. If you only remember to wash your face a few times a week, you will not realize very much success. Try setting an alert on your cell phone to remind you at first if you cannot remember on your own. Diligence is the key to getting rid of blemishes and keeping them away.

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