Unusual and New Date Ideas

Scoring a date is a great feeling that fills you with optimism, excitement and often confidence. Dating someone you are attracted to is an incredibly exciting prospect and one that means that you will get to hopefully embark on a new romance. As such it’s no wonder that you would be excited… right up until the point where you have to decide what to do.

If you are organising the date, then there is a large chance that you are the man as it is often the job of the man to organise the date. When you come to choose the date you should recognise that this will often be seen by the woman as an indication of your capability – she will likely be using this opportunity to assess you as a potential partner and what you choose to do for the evening or day, and then how it goes, are both things that will be seen to reflect how creative and fun you are and how good you are at making decisions and entertaining.

Choosing something a bit unusual then can make you stand out from the crowd and from previous men she’s dated. It’s likely to intrigue her and she’s likely to be impressed that you are thinking outside of the box. At the same time doing something new is always exciting and it’s always fun and will be a great way to ensure she has a good time. If she tries something new then she will be sure to come away thinking the date was worthwhile regardless of how well the conversation etc went. This is bound to go down far better than if you just suggest seeing a film which is highly predictable and quite ‘easy’; it also shows that you put thought into the occasion.

Below are some ideas for unusual dates that might be fun and romantic. At the same time though try to think of your own, as if they come from you they will be more likely to reflect your personality and tell her a bit about who you are. Furthermore, try to choose activities that you think she will like. Use whatever you know about her to choose a date that might appeal to her and to avoid those that won’t. If she’s clearly not a sporty or outdoors type then don’t force her to be very active and exert herself too much. Look at the suggestions below and see if any would suit the two of you, at the same time perhaps they can inspire you to think of your own unusual date ideas.

Casino: A casino is a great place to take someone on a date and a place that many people don’t think of. First and foremost going to a casino is exciting and fun – it gives you an opportunity to get dressed up and that means you can both be looking your best (though you can also dress down if you prefer thanks to a flexible dress code). It’s a great place to get drinks and they’re often very free to encourage gambling. Then there’s the fact that you’re doing something on the same team that is very exciting and tense which can be a great way to bring you closer together. If you win you might well get a hug.

Aquarium: An aquarium is a great place to take someone as it allows talking while giving you something to look at. At the same time much like star gazing looking at fish in the ocean is very tranquil and scenic and quite beautiful. You can then also grab a coffee at the end of the date which will likely be a good way to get something of a more traditional date at the same time. Other museums could also be similarly appealing.

Crazy Golf: Crazy golf makes for a really great date as it’s playfully competitive without being too active or sporty. It’s a game that anyone can play and that is conducive to conversation. At the same time it also gives you the possibility to ‘help’ them get into correct form which is a romantic move right out of the films.

Seeing a Sight: Going to see a famous landmark or a sight is a great thing to do with a potential partner. It’s classy and it’s impressive, and imagine a first kiss in front of a huge historical monument…

Ceramics Café: At ceramics cafés you can paint an ornament while chatting. This is a great way to enjoy a café date but to put a unique spin on it and to give you something to do while you chat (it’s a great conversation piece). If you work on the same piece it means that you can enjoy being a team, and at the end she’ll have a great keepsake from the occasion.

Board Game: Board games are a great night’s entertainment to play if you invite a date over for the evening. They are fun and competitive way to enjoy yourself and while they might seem outdated or quaint they are actually underrated. At the same time your date might find it cute and wholesome when you suggest it.

Wii: A more modern version of the board game, the Wii is a very fun way to play games in a more accessible and active way. Again it’s competitive and active in a way that isn’t too intensely sporty, and this will also mean that you are both working up a sweat and being active which results in a rush of chemicals such as endorphins which raise the mood and ensure she comes away with a smile on her face.

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