How to Get Rid of Mice

To some people mice are terrifying and to others they are cute little furry creatures. However, one thing is almost certain; no one enjoys having their homes overwrought with mice! If you have ever been in a home or apartment that is infested with mice then you already know how creepy and unnerving this can be. Not only do you find evidence of their existence in the form of their droppings all over your kitchen counters and in your cabinets, but you can also hear them moving around in the walls sometimes at night. There are many options for ridding your home of these pesky rodents and some of them are more humane than others. The method you use will depend on the severity of infestation.

Mouse Snap Traps

Just about everyone has seen one of these at one point in time or another. These little traps are the variety that have been used in animated films in which you see a cat lurking in the shadows just waiting for the little cartoon mouse to come along and snatch that big hunk of cheese, only to be flattened by the little metal arms that slam down when the cheese is removed. These types of traps are still sold just about every place that carries mouse traps but they are not necessarily the best choice. This is especially true in a home that has children or other small animals as the risk of injury is much greater to them. These are however the cheapest in terms of price and they are quite effective in most cases. If you choose to use these traps just place them in areas that are out of reach, such as behind major appliances and in crawl spaces. With these traps you simply load them with a piece of bait and leave them alone, checking on them every few days to see if you have caught anything.

Sticky Mouse Traps

These mouse traps have drawn a bit of controversy among various animal rights groups as they are seen as inhumane. The way these traps work is that the mouse wanders onto the trap when scurrying about and gets stuck. The adhesive used on these traps makes it impossible for the mice to pull themselves free, short of chewing their legs off. The result is a slow death as the mouse will be trapped until which time it dies of starvation. Some people have no problem using these traps and find that they are more convenient and less messy than the snap traps. To use sticky traps you simply place them in areas where mice may be present and wait for one to become stuck to the glue. In many cases you can hear the mice after they have been trapped as they will squeak loudly while trying to free themselves.

Using Poison

There are poisons which can be laid out in order to kill the mice that are running amok in your home but the biggest problem with poison seems to be the lack of control it gives you. For example, a mouse may come along and eat the poison you have laid out for him/her and that mouse will surely die. The question is; where will that mouse die? If it is in some obscure place which it more than likely will be, you may have to follow your nose to find the corpse, if you follow. Another obvious problem with leaving poison out is that it may fall into the wrong hands such as thosed of your children. There is also a distinct possibility the family dog or cat will stumble upon it. If you do make the decision to go with poison, be absolutely sure you use extreme caution in placing it. Only put it in places that you are sure your child or pet will not be able to come in contact with it. Try reducing the amount of places in your home that a mouse could crawl into and die by moving the furniture out from the walls several inches and keeping cabinets and closet doors closed.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

If you have been struggling with a problem with mice for some time and none of the above mentioned methods has proven helpful, it may be time to call in the big guns. Pest control companies are highly skilled in helping to rid your home of all sorts of undesirable creatures including mice. To find a good pest control company try looking online and reading up on each of the reviews that people have left for the various companies. When choosing a good pest control service it is important to choose one that offers you some sort of guarantee that they will get rid of your mice or keep coming back until they do. Hiring pest control is not always cheap so you want to be sure you get your moneys worth and that you do not get left holding the bag, especially if there are still mice in it!

Mice tend to come into the house more often during certain seasons and there are many things we can do to help prevent them from getting in. In addition, keeping your home as clean as possible and not leaving old food lying around can greatly decrease the chances of a major infestation. There is no way to ever be sure you will not get a field mouse here and there but there certainly is no reason you should ever have to live with an entire colony of mice under your roof. If you are a renter then you can hold your landlord responsible for footing the bill for pest control. The most important thing is to never give up and admit defeat. There are ways to get rid of mice it will just take some patience and diligence on your part. While you are battling the mouse problem, remember to keep your countertops and areas where food are kept sanitized as mouse droppings can lead to certain illnesses.

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