How to Make Your Skin Glow

Being told that you are ‘glowing’ is a one of the nicest compliments you can receive (particularly if you are not pregnant). Sometimes we just look healthy and give off the vibe that we are feeling good and that we have been taking care of ourselves. Looking healthier will then mean that we look more attractive – partly because we are programmed to find healthy individuals attractive as we think on an unconscious level that this will mean that that person is potentially better genetic material for our offspring. At the same time it means you’ll just look more free of blemishes and a better colour which of course is aesthetically pleasing.

Someone who ‘glows’ then looks healthy vibrant and well, while some people look more grey, sullen and ill. Here is how to make sure that you glow, and that you are more attractive to the opposite sex and more successful in careers as a result.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating is one of the very best ways to makes yourself look healthier and more attractive. If you exfoliate that means brushing away the top dead skin layers from your face usually with an exfoliating cream. This in turn then means that it is only the healthy layer of skin cells underneath that are visible and these will tend to be much brighter in colour. It creates a far more even skin tone, and a far more healthy appearance. At the same time it will also mean you are less likely to get clogged pores which can develop into spots and black heads which look anything but glowing.

Get a face massage/facial: During a facial you will have a specialist massage your face and use a lot of different products which will include exfoliating creams as well as moisturisers and other things that are great for your skin. At the same time though they will also be massaging these into your face using circular motions which is great for encouraging blood flow to the face, flooding the skin with vital nutrients and helping to keep the skin more supple while removing blemishes and flaking skin etc. You can massage your own face to a degree or get a partner to do it, but make sure that this is something you do when in the bath, or that you wash your hands before and your face after – your fingers will tend to be oily and contain bacteria and so failure to do this will result in your skin becoming oily too.

Use a self-tanning moisturiser: A tan is also something that can give you a bit of a healthy glow. However getting a tan the ‘real’ way can be quite unhealthy and damaging to your skin at the same time as drying it out and causing problems that way. Using a self tanning moisturiser you can bring out your natural skin pigment to help yourself be slightly more tanned whilst not burning your skin. Use this sparingly so that you look sun-kissed rather than tanned as such. Once every few days will be enough to give you that slight glow we are looking for.

Smile: Smiling makes you look healthy and happy, and it transforms your whole face. While it might sound like it wouldn’t make a big difference then, just smiling more can transform your whole look into one that makes you look much healthier and more glowing.

Use whitening toothpaste: At the same time you should aim to show off that smile with white teeth. Meanwhile this will contrast the rest of your complexion and make you look really healthy as a result.

Look after your hair: Believe it or not your hair can also glow. Make sure it stays glossy and healthy in appearance by using a shampoo and conditioner that contain vitamins and minerals.

Take your vitamins: Vitamins and minerals perform a vast range of different jobs within the human body and this includes repairing skin, hardening bone, strengthening hair and more. Make sure your get your vitamins and minerals regularly then and you will feel much healthier and this will be obvious from your appearance. Vitamins such as vitamin C are also good for the immune system, and you can not glow if you have a cold.

Get lots of sleep: During sleep we go into an ‘anabolic state’ meaning that we are repairing damaged body parts and generally maintaining our bodies. Without sleep then this won’t occur and we’ll looked taxed with bags under our eyes, and we’ll stop healing wounds and blemishes. Sleep is also very important for circulation.

Manage stress: Stress also brings down your immune system and prevents the body from performing many of the repairs etc that it should. Manage stress then in a manner that suits you – with meditation, with yoga, or just by getting lots of rest and going on holidays.

Avoid fats and sugars: Getting too many fats and sugars in your body can cause your arteries to block which will damage your circulation and result in a blotchy uneven skin tone. This will also contribute to spots and potential weight gain.

But get your essential fatty acids: However some forms of fat are good for you – namely the essential fatty acids which include things like omega 3. These will do many things for your body, but with regards to your complexion and appearance they will supply your skin and hair with the oils they need to look great.

Exercise: Exercise does not just build your muscles – it triggers body-wide changes that will make you look and feel healthier in almost every way. It will improve circulation making your skin tone more even and supplying your body with essential nutrients and oxygen, and it will encourage the production of growth hormone which will encourage the repair of cells.

If you are a man:

Use a good razor for a close shave: Stubble can somewhat take away from that glowing complexion and make you look gruff and unkempt. Shaving regularly then is the best way to look healthy and fresh, but you need to ensure you use a good razor so that it is a close shave and so it does not cause a rash etc.

If you are a woman:

Use blusher: Rosy cheeks are a sign of good circulation and so health and happiness. Give yourself slight rosy cheeks with a good blusher.

Use your makeup sparingly: For that healthy natural look you want to use makeup to bring more colour to your features, but in such a way that it is not obvious. You can also use a foundation and concealer to cover up slight blemishes but do not cake it on or people won’t see your skin, let alone think you look healthy.

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