Sending Reiki Despite Limitations on Space, Time and Situation


Many people think that Reiki only flows when you place your hands on someone else or yourself. But, what you can do if the person you want to heal is located at another continent? An effective technique known as Distant Reiki can direct the Reiki energy so you can send it anywhere and to anyone. This powerful technique allows you to send Reiki energy around the world. Distant Reiki techniques can be learnt in the Level Two Reiki training and it also requires the use of Reiki symbols. As a matter of fact, the third symbol in Reiki is known as the connection or distance symbol, which lets Reiki energy to penetrate all space and time limitations.

When using Distant Reiki, you may also tap other creative benefits of Reiki, including:

• Looking at the future and back in time

• Healing on certain situations

• Healing on certain places

As you may see, Reiki can improve many conditions. You may particularly keen to use most of the techniques available because they appear so versatile. Reiki has similar effectiveness at all times and whenever is needed.

A description on how Reiki can be sent

Most people are aware about the concept of sending a long-distance prayer. You can pray for someone next to you or those who are at another country. Just like prayers, Reiki can easily be sent in many situations. After completing the Level Two Reiki training, it will be easy to learn Distant Reiki. Follow these guidelines for all Distant Reiki sessions:

• Use your intuition and knowledge to understand a Distant Reiki session.

• Use your honesty and good faith when sending Reiki (preferably with recipient’s permission).

• Use your conviction that Reiki energy can reach the recipient regardless of time, place, or situation limitations.

To experience a powerful Distant Reiki session, find a Reiki circle. You may feel that as if the recipient or the situation appears in the center of the circle.

Sending Reiki to those who in need

The person who will receive Reiki energy may be in a local hospital or in another continent. Distance does not matter because Reiki can overcome any distance. You can also send Reiki energy regardless of time limitation. For example, you can send Reiki to a relative in another country who will undergo a medical treatment in six hours. It means you can penetrate the time and space limitations when performing a Distant Reiki session.

Sending Reiki to the future

By moving into the future you can send Reiki for important future events such as exams, jobs interviews and visits to the dentist. Because you may not be able to allocate a specific amount of time, this technique is a good way to adjust the flow of Reiki based on time. If you send the Reiki, you can specify when and where the recipient will receive it. For example, when sending Reiki energy, you can make a statement “I’m sending Reiki energy to John Smith, who will undergo heart surgery at 10 PM on Monday at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami. May he responds well to any medical treatment and recovers quickly”.

Some people often send Reiki to a patient before, during and after surgery and also to the surgeon when he is performing the surgery. It is suggested to follow the suggestions of your Reiki master and use your intuition and knowledge to find the best method for each situation.

Sending Reiki to the past

You can send healing back in time to help improve the experience of the past. No, unfortunately this does not mean you can change the history, but you can improve bad things that arise from it.

Due to the fact that people tend to cling to the past experiences, good and bad effects may linger, many of the Reiki healing sessions that are focused in present time is actually dealing with the effects of past experiences. Let’s say, you have suffered back pain for years from a traffic accident. You can re-visit the accident location again and send Reiki energy to anyone who was involved (including to yourself). This method calls for good visualization and imagination. You need to form a clear intention firmly on certain past experience or any period of time.

Sending Reiki to various situations and places

With the desire to offer healing, many practitioners have tried to make the most out of Reiki. The earth itself is open to Reiki healing. Natural disasters damage our environment with fires, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The land is also influenced by the actions of human being, including pollution and the devastation of rainforests. The soil contains rocks and minerals, where plants and animals of all kinds grow and flourish in a perfect harmony.

The Earth provides all that we need. If you feel the urgency, you can send the energy of Reiki to the Earth in general. You can also send Reiki to specific locations on Earth, like continent, forest, ocean, or wherever you think is important.

Help to solve conflicts

Reiki can improve everything, even inanimate objects or situations, such as:

• Traffic accidents: If you hear or see a traffic accident, you can send Reiki to those who are involved.

• Wars: You can send Reiki to refugee and victims of war.

• Political situations: During political disputes, you can send Reiki to each political party regardless of the ideologies, to allow situations to improve quickly after an election.

• Natural disasters: When a country is hit by earthquake, tsunami, or tornado, you can quickly send Reiki after you read or watch the news.

Reiki energy that is sent to each of the above situation is similar to any Distant Reiki session. People often wonder, what are the ethics of sending Reiki energy to a situation? Since getting permission from anyone at natural disaster or war is impossible, you may direct Reiki energy to all those who are involved, to accelerate the conflict resolution and peace. If you don’t know where you to start, just open a news website or buy a newspaper.

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