How to Calm an Upset Stomach

Dealing with an upset stomach can be annoying and stressful. Holiday feast or even plain eating can lead to an upset stomach. It’s a signal from our body that undesirable irritants have made way into our stomach. Apart from the piling medical bill, upset stomach can easily disrupt our daily life. Some people even skip work due to the unbearable discomfort attached with the condition. Fortunately, there are many ways by which one can calm an upset stomach.

Watch out your diet

The easiest way to deal with an upset stomach is to watch out what you eat. Remember, trying out different types of foods can result into indigestion. Subsequently, one might suffer from an upset stomach. One is usually advised to avoid overeating. Having smaller meals in periodic intervals is the way to go over here. In some cases, temporary fasting can speed-up the recover process.

Avoid stomach upsetting foods

There are certain foods that can easily upset your stomach such as spicy and fatty foods. Foods that are rich in acids and citrus can also lead to an upset stomach. Intake of caffeine and milk products should also be avoided. In other words, one should temporarily stay away from all kinds of foods that are not easily digestible by the body.

Eat crackers and bananas

Having crackers is another natural way to deal with an upset stomach. Most of already know that crackers are very light on our body and they are easily digestible. The fact that they are pretty low in sodium and unwanted fats, they work best to deal with morning sickness, experienced by pregnant women. Upset stomach is one of the symptoms of morning sickness. By fighting the underlying cause of the problem, one can calm down an upset stomach. Likewise, bananas also soothe our stomach and fight the acids that cause trouble in our stomach.

Baking soda

Mixture of baking soda and water can also prove to be instrumental in calming an upset stomach. Over here, one needs to take ½ tsp of baking soda and mix it well in half a glass of water. Drinking this solution will fetch you instant relief from the condition.


Ginger is considered to be one of the most powerful herbal solutions that can help one treat an upset stomach. One can consume ginger in raw form or in the form of tea. Apart from helping one deal with an upset stomach, ginger offers many other health benefits.

Herbal tea

Those in fond of herbal tea would be glad to learn that herbal tea can calm an upset stomach as well. Peppermint tea, green tea and Chamomile tea are found to be extremely effective in curing an upset stomach.

Drink lots of water

Drinking loads of water is also found to be helpful in treating an upset stomach. Addition of lemon wedge in warm water can be a huge bonus over here. One can also consider adding little bit of honey into the mixture to add some flavor. The affected person is advised to drink this solution several times in a day to find relief from the troublesome condition.


  1. Here are a couple of remedies we use for upset stomach. You may have pain from reflux or indigestion. I find if one small tablespoon of baking or bi-carb of soda is mixed up with about quarter of a glass of water and drunk straight down it fixes the problem in a couple of minutes. Also if you suffer from heart problems you may get a similar chest pain. No need to panic it might only be indigestion. However if the bi-carb does not fix the pain in a matter of five minutes then it could be heart so you need to get to a doctor or hospital. It really takes the worry out of it, if after a couple of minutes you Burp and the pain is gone, what a relief and no midnight trip to the hospital. Sometimes especially women have more deep seated tummy upset, sometimes when they are having period pain. For centuries women in France have taken Pernod in water, In Greece it is Ouzo in a glass of warm water, just sip it and it seems to help. For you guys out there I can tell you a Ouzo and coke with a little ice may not always settle your stomach, but it is a very enjoyable drink (Don't overdo it, especially if you are driving).

  2. I really loved the article because it gave people something that they can think of and once there done thinking about it they do those amazing things and they won't have an upset stomach anymore! 😇

  3. The article was extremely informative. Some of the advice is fresh & new. Thank you very much.

  4. Why does he keep saying 'over here'? I'd have much more confidence in someone who realised the human body was the same the world over, and could string two words together.

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