How to Stop Using Nasal Spray

Have you been guessing over the cause of stuffy nose? When a person gets affected by cold, the blood vessels dilate and the inflow of fluid into the tissues blocks one’s nasal passage. This in turn causes difficulty while breathing through the nose. Ironically, this condition can hamper your routine activities. Most sufferers struggle with their sleep. Few of them resort to nasal spray to find relief from the condition. While befriending a nasal spray can offer instant relief from the condition, one might also get addicted to it.

How to stop the use of nasal spray?

What most people out there do not realize is that the use of nasal spray can do more harm than good! One might get stuck in a vicious cycle of nasal blockage. Prolonged use of nasal spray can make the person feel breathless without it. Those who are using nasal spray should never skip the instructions provided on the product label. Skipping those instructions might turn into a nightmare for you in the near future. You might be tempted to use it for an extended period of time, but you should know when to stop. Below are a few effective means that can help nasal spray addicts stop its use.

Get rid of those extra bottles

First and foremost, you should get rid of every nasal spray decongestant. Getting rid of the weakness is a good way to deal with the situation. Most addicts usually store a few bottles for future use. Hunt your car, cabinet and other prominent places to get rid of the extra bottles. One can also use antihistamines to get rid of nasal sprays.

One nostril method

Those who find it difficult to eradicate nasal spray completely from their lives can resort to one nostril method to gradually decrease their dependency on nasal sprays. What you should do over here is use the spray only in one nostril. This will lead to rebound congestion on the other nostril. You will be able to breathe properly through one nostril. Once the rebound congestion is eased, you can get rid of nasal spray completely.

Natural nose sprays

In some cases, doctors recommend the use of natural nose sprays to decrease the dependency on nasal sprays. There are good numbers of nose sprays out there that are completely natural and safe on our health. The best part is that they are non-addictive. One is advised to have a word with their doctor to lay their hands on a good natural nose spray.

Make use of a humidifier

Your surrounding also determines your breathing ability. For instance, dry air can worsen nasal condition, and in the process you will experience difficulty while breathing. So, ensure that you make use of a humidifier while sleeping to create a favorable sleeping environment in your bedroom.

Drink herbal tea

Consumption of herbal tea can produce steam that will clear up the nasal congestion and in the process it will curb your dependency on nasal spray. As an alternative, you can consider hot soup as well. Make sure that you avoid caffeinated beverages because they have a dehydrating effect on our body, which will only worsen your condition.

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