How to Heal Lungs After Smoking

It’s a known fact that smoking turns into an obsession for loads of people out there. Reports suggest that most individuals are forced to make several attempts to pave goodbye to this troublesome addiction. While some succeed with their attempts to quit smoking, majority of them see their back against the wall.

Natural Healing Process

Most of us are aware of the fact that smoking can affect several bodily functions. Our lungs suffer the most due to this addiction. One might need specific treatment to restore vital organ functionalities and overall health. As such, our body starts the repair work as soon as one quits smoking. Reports suggest that our heart rate decreases within 20 minutes of the last inhaled cigarette. Majority of the hampered lung functions improve in a time period of three months. While the natural healing process will take it’s own due course of time, you can take certain proactive measures to restore your lost health as soon as possible.

Heal Lungs With Proper Diet

One’s best bet over here would be to include loads of vegetables and fruits in their routine diet. Inclusion of fruits and vegetables will boost the healing process to a great extent. Vegetables are low on fat content and rich in anti-oxidants. Apart from maintaining the lungs, they speed up the lung recovery process.

Drink Loads of Water

One is advised to increase fluid intake to contribute to the healing process. It’s in your best interest to consume 8 to 10 glass of water on daily basis. On an outdoor venture, you can consider carrying a bottle of water along with you. Your body will thank you for the hydrated health.

Exercise Regularly

Incorporating exercise in the daily routine can contribute to the lung healing process. Experts reckon that regular exercise can help individuals shape up their lungs after they quit smoking. It repairs the cells that are responsible for the damage of our lungs. One is advised to train at least 3 to 4 times in a week to ensure faster healing. While working out regularly is a must, one must make sure they don’t overwork their body to avoid adverse health effects.

Devote Time for Breathing Exercises

While physical exercise is a must, the importance of breathing exercises cannot be negated. Breathing exercises will strengthen your lungs and will also help you breathe with ease. Not to forget the fact that breathing exercises are also instrumental in reducing stress. We all know that most smokers light up a cigarette whenever they feel stressed. The fact that breathing exercises curb stress, they play a great role in curbing the addiction as well.

Pay a Visit to the Physician

Once you quit smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer reduces drastically over a period of time. However, it’s imperative that you get your health checked up by paying a visit to a clinic. Let the doctor know about your medical history and daily schedule so that he/she can provide you with value added information on lungs care.


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