Easy Ways to Make Yourself Throw Up

Sometimes, we accidently end up feeding our stomach with harmful substances. The consumed substances can be toxic in nature and might cause substantial harm to our health. During such instances, we feel the need to throw up. Over here, we will have to forcefully expel the unwanted substances from our stomach. Although the act is not pleasant on all accounts, it’s a must to avoid lethal health complications. Let’s have a look at some of the easy ways to make one throw up.

Be sure of your act!

Before you think of throwing up, you need to be sure that it’s the best course of action at that given point of time. For instance, if you over feed your body with too much of beverages, then throwing up can help. However, if you have consumed poison, then you should stop wasting any further time and immediately dial the digits of the poison control department of your area.

Make use of medications

Medications can be used to throw up. Emetics are commonly used to induce vomiting. The affected individual is advised to consume the medication with water. The medication will force things through your mouth by causing little bit of stomach discomfort.

Make use of your fingers

One can also make use of their fingers to throw things up through the mouth. The sufferer needs to insert his/her index finger deep into the throat and try to touch the uvula and the area near it. This act will result into a sudden grip of nausea and in the process a person will vomit. Make sure that you remove your finger once you have triggered the feeling of nausea to make way for the toxic substances to pass out through your mouth. You can also use other objects instead of a finger, but it’s safe to use a finger.


Watching someone throw up can induce the same feeling in you. While you can’t afford to hunt a person who is on the verge of vomiting, you can certainly visit some of the popular websites to witness numerous videos of people throwing up. Once you see a person throw up, a sick feeling will make way into your life, and you will be able to throw up yourself. Don’t allow any kind of intimidation take the better of you. Although you may dislike the idea of seeing others vomit, you should do so to work on your health. Remember, it’s just a one-off activity.

Eat a lot

One of the easiest ways to make oneself throw up is to over feed the body with food. You must feed yourself to such an extent that you should feel that your stomach is going to explode. The key is to eat a lot in one sitting itself so that you feel induced to throw up once overfed. Make sure that you don’t eat junk food. Stick to plain and healthy food that you can consume a lot without inviting more troubles into your life. Simply search your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator to find the healthiest food that you can consume in large quantities.

You can make use of plastic bag to vomit. Alternatively, you can visit the toilet to throw things up. Once you vomit, you are advised to sit down calmly and then serve yourself with a glass of cold water. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with any of the methods or try anything drastic on your own. One of these simple measures can easily help you throw up. As a precautionary measure, watch out what you eat to avoid all these hassles. After all, it’s better being safe than sorry!


  1. Was this really the best way to advise people to throw up, and why are there no resources if those who are doing it intentionally to harm themselves?

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  16. I had to get my 11 year old daughter Kerri throw up after she swallowed medicine. I did so by having her lean over the toilet, stuck 2 fingers all the way down her throat, and wiggled them a little bit. After she both gagged and coughed a little bit, she threw up all the pills. The entire process took 5 minutes.

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