How to Get Super Glue Off Your Skin

There are times when substances such as Super Glue stick to our skin. We try to wash it off with water and soap, but to no avail. Some also choose to leave it as it is so that it can clear up on its own with passing days. Super Glue is one of the most powerful adhesive that you will come across. The fact that it bonds pretty fast, removing it becomes an extremely daunting task in itself.

Little amount of Super Glue can hold more than one ton of weight. Imagine that kind of bond being used to mend broken cups, furniture and other tools. While applying the Super Glue on one of these equipments, you might accidently have it on your skin. Luckily, there are many ways to get Super Glue off our skin.

Use Acetone

One of the popular means to get rid of the Super Glue involves the use of Acetone. You will be able to lay your hands on Acetone by grabbing a fingernail polish bottle. One can safely use Acetone on smaller skin surface. That being said, you should make sure not to use this product in areas near your eyes and lips. When it comes to sensitive areas, it’s advisable to pay a visit to the nearby clinic.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly can also be safely applied on the skin. A typical lip balm contains petroleum jelly. You can read the product label to see if the ingredient is present in your lip balm or not. You simply need to massage the skin with the petroleum jelly for a couple of minutes. This will not only help you get rid of Super Glue stuck to your skin, but will also prevent your skin further damage.

Warm Compress

Warm compress can be used to remove bandage adhesive from one’s skin. The key is to follow the outlined steps before getting rid of the bandage and not after removing the bandage. Over here, you will have to apply a warm compress all over the bandage for nearly 30 seconds. After the application of warm compress, you can remove the bandage so that you can clean the area with warm water.

Vegetable Oil

Application of vegetable oil can also do the trick for you. Over here, you will take the vegetable oil in a piece of cloth and then rub your skin with this cloth for a couple of minutes. You can also use almond or baby oil.

Hand Lotion

One of the simplest ways to get Super Glue off your skin is to make use of a hand lotion. Most hand lotions will work over here. You simply need to rub the lotion on your skin. You will witness the Super Glue peeling off from your skin.

The outlined methods will help you get rid of Super Glue once and for all from your life. The best part is that there is no pain or side effect involved with any of these methods.


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  6. Yes, I use acetone. The vegetable oil did nothing. And the description for hot compresses is for bandage adhesive, not super glue.

  7. This article is so helpful! I used the Petroleum Jelly option and it worked wonders. Thank you!

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