How to Recognize the Symptoms of Liver Disease

The liver is said to be the largest body organ. Needless to say, it facilitates several bodily functions that range from immunization to reproduction. You would be surprised to learn that one in every ten American is a victim of some sort of liver disease. Ironically, most of them are not aware of their problem. Today, there are many ways to recognize the symptoms of liver disease. Let’s have a look at the symptoms:


Jaundice is a health ailment characterized by yellowing of the skin. As such, presence of excess bilirubin in our blood results into this condition. Dark yellowed skin is an indication that the liver has been affected as well.


Light colored stool is another indication that signifies liver disease. The affected individual would often complain about inconsistent and irritable bowel movements.

Lack of appetite

Liver disease can result into loss of appetite amongst the victim. A person will tend eat less food. Subsequently, the affected person will showcase drastic weight loss.


Individuals affected by liver disease may retain fluid in their abdomen, which will eventually result into bloating. Besides this, the condition will also promote gas formation that can cause bloating. Most women generally confuse this condition with menstrual cycle.

Fatigue and disturbed sleep

The affected person will feel tired very easily. As mentioned earlier, liver disease can result into drastic weight loss and lack of appetite. These symptoms can rob vital energy from a person. As a result, a person will experience early body fatigue. To top it all, a person might get frustrated very easily due to the troublesome symptoms affecting the individual. Recent report has uncovered the fact that nearly 50% of the patients experience sleeping disorders as well.


In some cases, a person might put on excessive weight. The fact that our liver regulates the body metabolism, any damage caused to the liver would mean that our metabolism is impaired. As a result, some individuals fall prey to obesity. This usually occurs at an advanced stage, when a person experiences chronic liver issues.


Since liver disease affects several of our bodily functions, it drains the supply of energy to our brain cells. Ideally, our liver is supposed to get rid of toxic substances that affect our brain cells. However, malfunctioning of the liver leads to piling up of the toxic substances. As a result, a person experiences frequent headache. Some experts reckon that liver ailment can result into Alzheimer’s disease. However, there aren’t substantial evidences backing this claim.

Getting tested

Liver disease can make way into one’s live through one or combination of the above mentioned symptoms. One must pay a visit to the doctor to have a liver function test done. The test would display abnormal results, if a person is affected by any kind of liver ailment. Remember, healthy liver is required not only to facilitate several bodily functions, but also to ensure our survival on this planet, which is why one must resort to timely treatment to deal with the disease.

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