Foods That Cause Mucus Build-Up

Experts reckon that there are numerous foods that can promote mucus build-up in our body. Although the research conducted so far is limited on this matter, individual experiences do suggest that the connection between food and mucus build up is very strong. What one should know over here is that the ability to sustain and combat ailments varies from one person to another. No two human bodies are precisely similar, when it comes to functionality of body organs. While a person may experience adverse effects by consuming a particular food, the other person may not be impacted in any ways by consuming the same food. So, let’s have a look at the foods that are commonly blamed for mucus build-up.

Milk and milk products

Milk and milk products are said to be the worst products when it comes to mucus build-up. Milk contains casein which is primarily responsible for the secretion of mucus. The fact that casein isn’t easily digestible, it can result into sinus infection. Likewise, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream and other milk products are termed as mucus promoting foods because of the presence of lactose in them. Lactose leads to mucus formation, which is why milk and milk products should be avoided over here.


Not many people out there realize that caffeine is also responsible for mucus build-up in human body. Over here, colas are found to be extremely detrimental because they contain both sugar and caffeine. Both these ingredients lead to mucus formation.


Wheat is another food component that may stimulate the growth of mucus. This usually happens when an individual is found to be allergic towards wheat and wheat products. The fact that wheat is found in most of the commonly prepared household diet, one will face a hard time negating it from their daily routine.

Grains, seeds and nuts

Grains, seeds and nuts also promote mucus production. In fact, the popcorn that you consume while watching a movie in a theatre can also be the culprit responsible for mucus formation in your body.

Meat and oil

Consumption of meat can stimulate mucus build-up as well. Likewise, foods prepared in fatty oils can promote mucus development.

Sugar and salt

Just like milk and milk products, salt and sugar can have major mucus producing effects on our body. Soda, jams, jellies and other sweetened foods are the main culprits over here as they are loaded with sugar and salt. Most of the junk foods that we prefer are usually high on salt and sugar. One’s best bet would be to check the product label to determine the amount of salt and sugar present in the food item.


Excess consumption of soy can also lead to mucus build up. So, considering soy over dairy products may not help all individuals out there.


There is another bad news for alcoholic guys. Apart from the obvious health risks linked with alcohol, mucus build-up is another risk attached with alcohol consumption.

Food allergies

Certain food allergies can promote mucus production. Most commonly, individuals who are allergic towards eggs, milk and wheat encounter mucus build-up. If you suspect that you are allergic towards a particular food, you should get in touch with an allergist.


  1. If research is indeed limited on this subject – an assertion I have a hard time believing with a reliable product on market called "Muscinex" – it is because people are born with only three innate fears, being: A; Fear of falling, B; Fear of the Dark, and C;* Fear of having drank too much milk before a first date and potentially failing to hawk a sludgy loogey properly, having it sling-shot back to stain your best** shirt without means of removing said defect thus voiding potential coital relations. But lets say a person has some sort of severe brain damage and needed to be taught this bewildering concept that eating certain foods causing mucus production. It would appear after skimming this article, to be quicker just to say that everything but some fruits and veggies will do you dirty with sly king mucus.

    *Carl Sagan was slightly mis-quoted/understood when he explained this as a fear of snakes.

    ** Best meaning most likely to produce potential boot-knocking.

  2. You have added everything that a human being normally requires to be alive under the allergens category. The article needs to be more refined and precise as to what are the main causative agents for mucus build up particularly when the person is not infected and healthy otherwise.

  3. Can you please tell me where you found the information about caffeine containing casein? I looked up the properties and found there to be no mention of casein at all. Thank you.

  4. So is there anything left to eat that doesn't create mucus?

  5. Good article

  6. Good, informative article.

  7. Thank you for this information. You said it plainly when you mentioned that not all bodies are alike and may react differently. We just have to watch what we put into our mouths if we want healthy bodies.

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