How to Cool Down

There’s nothing worse than being too hot. A lot of people focus on how unpleasant it is being too cold, but actually being too hot is in many ways even worse. Just think about the last time you were too hot at night – and you were fidgeting and tossing and turning, feeling itchy and constantly thirsty; or the last time you were hot at work unable to concentrate or catch your breath. If you’re too cold it’s easy to put on extra layers, but when you’re too hot there’s only so much it’s socially acceptable to take off… so how do you cool down then? Fortunately there are quite a few ways you can stay cool when you are too hot and many techniques that have been developed by those living in hot countries that we can borrow. Here we’ll have a look at a few of them.

Drinking a hot drink

It doesn’t seem to make any sense that drinking a hot drink can in fact cool you down however it is true. The reason for this is that by having a hot liquid inside you, you force your body to have to fight to cool you back down. Thus drinking tea or coffee cools your internal temperature.

Keep something cool under your pillow

When we’re trying to sleep is, as mentioned, one of the times that being too hot is most annoying and the more you toss and turn the hotter you get. One great solution is to stick something cold under your pillow such as an ice pack. This way when you turn the pillow over it will be cold on the other side and you can enjoy placing your head on a highly cooling soft surface.

It’s important though if you use this technique to make sure that what you are using will not melt and get your pillow wet. A great way to do this is to make a ‘rice sock’. Simply fill a sports sock with rice and then put it in the freezer. Rice holds temperature well and as there’s no ice involved it won’t melt or drip.

Use a cold flannel

A cold flannel is a great way to cool yourself down, if you run it under cold water you can then lay it on your head and it will cool your entire body down. This works with people who have a fever so of course it also works for those who are just too hot.

Tie your hair back

For women (and men) with long hair, tying your hair back can uncover the sides of your head and this way let a lot more heat exit this way. A large percentage of our body heat exits through our head so it’s a very good way to cool yourself down. If it’s continually a problem, then opting to get your hair cut shorter permanently is a good way to keep yourself constantly cooler.

Wear white

Wearing white is a good way to stay cool as it reflects light and heat whereas black absorbs it. The reason for this is that the colour black is actually a lack of colour where no light is reflected from it back to your eyes, whereas white colours are white because they’re reflecting back all of the colours together.

Wear cotton/linen

Cotton and linen are great materials to wear in the heat as they don’t sweat or itch and offer a very thin layer. At the same time ensure that the material is loose fitting as this will give you room for air to circulate and keep you cool.

Suck ice

If you’re really boiling then sucking on some ice or something frozen is a great way to cool your face down.

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