How to Purify Water and Remove Fluoride

Water is highly abundant and in fact makes up the larger proportion of our planet. However unfortunately much of this water is unsafe to drink when discovered naturally, and even when it comes from the taps in the Western world it can still be a good idea to purify it in order to remove minerals, particles of dust and dirt, bacteria, protozoa and fluoride. It is possible to filter many of the impurities in water using any filtration method such as a charcoal filter, however to remove fluoride as well it will be necessary to use an aluminium oxide filter.

Purchasing and Using Filtration Systems

This requires you to purchase a minimum 2-stage water filtration system and these can be found at most home stores and some supermarkets. Ensure that it has both a charcoal filter and an aluminium oxide filter. Normally these will work by simply attaching onto your taps and this then means that all of the water that comes from it will be filtered (other water filters will stand on the side and require the water to be poured into them, and then out into your receptacle and others still will require you to press them down or otherwise operate the filtration method manually).

However in most cases today the water filters will attach to your faucets. Once you have attached the 2-stage water filtration system, allow the water to run for around ten minutes to push out small particles from the filters. After this point your water will be ready to drink from then on.

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