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Going out with your loved one is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and interesting and to ensure that you don’t grow tired of the same routine on a daily basis. However that’s not to say that there isn’t as much fun to be had on a night in and if you go out of your way to indulge yourselves and ensure you really focus on enjoying relaxing then this can actually be even more romantic – indeed when you’re at home you have the benefits of warmth, of complete privacy and of having a bed and bath that you can use yourselves.

Some people consider an indulgent romantic night in to be an evening in front of the television with a pizza and a bottle of wine. While this is nice no doubt, it is not quite ‘indulgence’ in the typical sense and certainly isn’t most of our idea of romance. Here we will look at the items and activities you need to make you romantic night in truly special.

Smart clothes: If you stay in the clothes you’ve been wearing all day then psychologically you will be slumming rather than indulging. It’s a subtle difference but just changing your clothes can make this into an event. Be sure to go out of your way then to dress up the best you can – the man should wear a suit or a jacket and the woman should wear a nice dress and some glamorous makeup. This instantly sets you into the frame of mind you need to be in to really indulge yourselves. Normally when you get dressed up as sexily as you can this means you’re going out and you won’t get to ‘appreciate’ each other looking like that – this way it won’t go to waste.

A great meal: Cooking for each other is a really romantic thing to do and it means you can enjoy a three course meal or something really special without having to pay through the nose for it.

A nicely laid table: You can also make the table itself special by laying it nicely. For instance you can set it up with candles or lay rose petals over it. If you are fortunate enough to be able to be enjoying good weather then you can make this even nicer by setting a table up outside under a canopy and maybe again with some candles or flowers. This can make it feel as though you’re on holiday and create a great atmosphere that takes you out of the norm.

Music: You won’t quite set the tone for your romantic evening atmosphere however unless you have some fitting music to go with the proceedings. Few things are classy enough to accompany your romantic night in, but what will really work well is a bit of Sinatra or Elvis. If you want to set a ‘holiday’ atmosphere outside then something foreign sounding such as Santana will also work well.

Champagne: If you want to be as indulgent as you can and to really enjoy a classy evening together then there is really no substitute for champagne. It’s the classiest drink of them all and the most indulgent and the bubbles and the popping of the cork turn anything into an exciting occasion.

Thorntons: Thorntons or another fine chocolate are romantic and sexy and will produce the hormones that we associate with love. It’s no coincidence that we give chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Massage oils: Following this few things will relax you both like exchanging a massage and this is a great way to explore each other’s bodies while really feeling yourself let go of your worries. Massage oil and some candles will help to set the mood.

A bath: Having a bath together is something incredibly sensual, romantic and indulgent. By sharing a bath you can feel your skin against each other’s and let your whole body relax. Keep the music going and bring the champagne or the chocolates in with you. If you want to treat your partner then scrub them down with the brush or give them a head massage while you wash their hair.

Games or a DVD: If you have time to kill then watching a romantic film or playing a board game (or maybe a sexy card game) is a great way to relax. If you have a fire then put it on and enjoy the flickering light while you play.

Lingerie and makeup: Of course the whole thing will hopefully end with mind-blowing sex, but to ensure this carries the same sense of fineness as the rest of the night this should involve slipping into something a bit more comfortable. Nothing quite says romance or sensuality like red so some red lipstick and lingerie with high heels should put the finishing touches on an indulgent night in – and of course the man will have to earn it.

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