Tips on Buying Watches for Men

Accessorising means exactly what it sounds like it means – adding accessories and items to your ensemble (what you’re wearing that is, not your musical ensemble) and this way completing your ‘look’ while getting to benefit from some practical items that you will this way carry with you, or the additional visual interest added by something like a necklace.

However for men accessorising is something that is often not talked about and the assumption is that accessorising is something that just women do. However the reality is very different, and actually we men can accessorise just as effectively and stand to gain just as much from it. An accessory for a woman is a broach or a nice pair of ear rings, but for men they tend to have function as well as style – items such as watches or ‘man bags’. These items make life a lot more practical, but at the same time as we will use them so often they offer an easy way for us to make ourselves look more stylish on a daily basis. And when it comes to accessorising for men, the watch is undoubtedly the king of the hill.

A watch is an accessory that every man can get excited about. They are highly practical and so do not feel superfluous or feminine. In fact they are quite the opposite and will feel very manly for most of us and be an understated symbol of status, style and personality. Bond wears a nice watch, so did Sinatra, and so should you – and many other men will judge you, perhaps rightly, by your watch.

The Make and the Design

There are many different watches to choose. Of course if you are wealthy you can afford a nice Rottary, Omega or Rolex watch although some will find these ostentatious and somewhat clichéd. Instead then you might choose to go for something lesser known like a Rado, or for something quirky such as a PDA-Watch from Casio or a Tokyo Flash or Alien watch that has neither a clock face nor a digital display and that rather uses an LED code that you need to decipher meaning it looks like a futuristic and random pattern to anyone else. You might decide you want something more colourful and characteristic however and go for a watch with a character or something you enjoy on the face, or you might choose one that’s more practical and appropriate for sports and activities.

Multiple Watches for Multiple Occasions

Of course what is better is to have several watches for different occasions. While a nice Rolex will look great with your tux at an important event, if can look out of place when you’re playing football in your shorts (and could also get damaged). As such then it’s a good idea to go for many of these ideas – the ‘quirky watch’, the ‘smart watch’, the ‘durable watch’ – and then to choose the right one appropriately.

At the same time you should also choose multiple coloured straps and you can either have lots of watches or just lots of straps that you attach to your watches. This allows you to colour coordinate and to pull off some more stylish accessorising.

You can store multiple watches in a watch case and this makes a great display and collection that many of us will enjoy to show off. The one watch everyone needs however is a nice silver one, and this way you can guarantee it will go with most things you wear and will mean you can pull out the stops and impress for interviews and other important occasions.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations to take into account when you choose your watch. The first is the water resistance. Bear in mind here that water resistance and waterproof are two different things and that only the latter means they can actually go under the water. Water resistant just means the watch can get splashed in the rain and not break – it will still get damaged if you actually fall in to the water. If it is waterproof it will be called a ‘divers’ watch’ and there will be indicated how deep you can take it without it breaking.

You also need to consider the other features of the watch and which ones you want. This might be something as simple as a stopwatch feature or something more complex such as an alarm or even a calendar. Are you the type of guy who likes to have all the bells and whistles? Or are you the sort who enjoys understated elegance and just wants to know the time?

The strap is another important consideration and you should look into the strap that comes with it and whether it’s the right colour and size and whether you like the clasp. Most importantly you need to check whether the strap can be changed if you don’t like it – in some cases these are built into the design of the watch.

Wearing Your Watch

When you wear your watch it is normal to do so on your left hand with it facing upwards, though some people like to vary this practice. Ensure that the watch is loose enough not to leave red marks, but tight enough that it doesn’t move around a lot and inhibit your own gesticulations. When you wear it under a shirt, the best look is for the shirt sleeve to poke out just further than your jacket, and your watch to poke out just further than that.

You might also want to coordinate the watch you choose to your other items and particularly the strap. For instance if you have a brown belt and brown shoes, then wearing a watch with a brown strap is a great way to tie them all together. Likewise a black or a silver watch will go well with a suit.

Looking After Your Watch

It is important to be careful while wearing your watch to avoid getting scratches on the watch face and to avoid breaking the strap. You might also want to occasionally polish it to return the look it had when it was new.

You will also need to change your watch batteries every so often – around once every three years depending on the watch (unless you have one that is charged kinetically by your movements). When you get your watch batteries put in this will require the watch to be opened up and it may need to be left at the jewellers for a few days. Bear in mind that waterproof watches need to be specially sealed and this will cost more than if they were not.

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