Using Caution With Home Remedies

There are hundreds of home remedies that have been passed to us through the generations. Some of them are quite harmless and actually work to ease things like upset stomach, while others are a bit more drastic and may even be dangerous. For example, there are home remedies for insect bites which call for pouring gasoline on the bite in order to draw the venom out. This is dangerous on many levels. Then there are even home remedies which instruct a person who is suffering from an asthma attack to swallow a spider web. It is very important that you understand that home remedies can be hazardous and should always be taken with a grain of salt. If someone told you that jumping from a three story building would cure your headache, would you do it? If your answer is yes then you are right because a jump such as this would surely cure your headache, in fact you would most certainly never have to worry about a headache again! If your answer is no (and it should be) then you will want to give the same consideration to the idea of pouring a foreign substance into your ear.

Herbal Home Remedies That Seem Harmless

Many people do not realize just how potent certain herbs can be. They believe that just because something is natural that it is automatically safe. Think of snake venom, it is as natural as can be but safe it is definitely not! Particular herbs can be associated with a number of different side effects, not to mention the fact that some of them also have counter-indications with specific medications or illnesses. There are many herbal remedies that work like a charm and are completely safe to use. However, before attempting to cure your own illness through the use of some combination of herbs, it is a very good idea to check with your doctor prior to doing so. At best you should at least research each herb that is called for in the remedy to see what kinds of side effects can be experienced when using them. It is also possible to take too much of a good thing so be sure you understand how much of an herb you are going to ingest is considered a safe amount.

Home Remedies That Prolonged Your Agony

There are some home remedies that simply do not work, no matter how you slice it. These home remedies will serve no purpose other than to prolong the amount of time you are actually suffering from whatever condition it is you are stricken with. Take head lice for example, there are dozens of home remedies that people claim work to get rid of head lice. One of these remedies is to cover a person’s head, which is infested with head lice, with mayonnaise. This is not a harmful remedy but it certainly is not a remedy that will fix the problem. It seems like a great idea in theory as mayonnaise will suffocate the adult lice but it will do nothing to the eggs. Home remedies for head lice are only one example of things we hear about that do not actually work. Unfortunately, there are home remedies that are just as ridiculous but recommended to people with much more serious problems. This can result in a worsening of a person’s condition due to a lack of proper medical treatment.

Using Toxic Chemicals as Home Remedies

There are a number of home remedies out there which actually involve the use of toxic household products and chemicals. These home remedies involve using items or substances which have not been labeled safe for human or animal use. This calls to mind a home remedy in which people are urged to use motor oil on a dog or cat who has some strain of mange. This could be extremely dangerous to the animal as animals clean themselves with their tongues. This means your animal will be ingesting motor oil. This could never be a good thing. There are hundreds of other remedies which call for the use of chlorine bleach, candle wax and a number of other products and chemicals you may have laying around your house. A good rule of thumb to follow is to stay clear of any home remedy that calls for the use of a substance or product that has not been intended for use on human or animal skin or to be ingested by them.

Using Bodily Fluids as Home Remedies

To top the list of home remedies that are bizarre and even dangerous are those which call for using blood, urine or semen in order to cure some type of condition or disorder. Not only is this practice unsanitary but to be quite blunt it is disgusting. Just the idea that a person may actually use someone else’s body fluids on some part of their own body is enough to turn your stomach. However, there are many such home remedies that people try on a regular basis. It is important to understand any time you are coming in contact with the bodily fluids of another person, you are placing yourself at risk for a number of illnesses. For example, using someone else’s blood or semen on some sort of open wound can result in you contracting hepatitis C, HIV and a number of other blood-borne illnesses, should that person be infected with them.

This article is not meant to debunk home remedies as a whole. It is simply meant to inform you on some of the potential dangers involved with using certain home remedies. You must keep in mind that most of these home remedies have been around for centuries and were born prior to the advancements in medical technology that we see today. At the time some of these home remedies were used, there seemed to be little choice for people and they did what they could with what they had to work with. Things are much different now there is no reason that any person, whether covered by medical insurance or not, should have to resort to unusual and possibly harmful home remedies to cure an illness or condition.

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