Beauty Secrets for Older Women

Just because a woman begins to age does not mean she has to throw in the towel in terms of beauty. Many women fall into the trap of letting themselves go and as a result forego making any sort of effort to fix themselves up. Not only is this unnecessary but it is also unrealistic. Everyone, no matter how old they are, wants to look nice and feel good about themselves. There are many things a woman who is aging can do to improve her appearance and to help her to feel more self-confident. Today, it is quite in to be the sexy older woman and there are many ways of going about doing this. If you have been really down on yourself lately because you have let your appearance go due to age, then some of the following tips may help you to make a few subtle changes that will go a long way.

Remember Less Is More

Wearing too much makeup for anyone regardless of age is tacky and completely ridiculous. Contrary to what many women believe, men do not like a woman to have a face that is painted like a clown. When it comes to cosmetics it is good to use the old rule of thumb “less is more.” This is especially true for women who have developed fine lines or even deep wrinkles. Caking up your face full of makeup will only emphasized any wrinkles you may have. Instead of smothering your face with foundation in an effort to hide wrinkles, the best solution is to use a tinted moisturizer to help conceal any discoloration on the skin. It is also a very good idea to avoid using powder on older skin. Remember that powder is typically used on younger faces to help eliminate shine caused by excess oil. As you age your sebaceous glands produce less oil, therefore powder is unnecessary and even detrimental to the appearance of mature skin.

Emergency Lip Fixes 101

As we age another thing that happens is that our lips tend to lose some of their fat and take on a much thinner appearance. Some people turn to cosmetic procedures such as collagen injections in order to fill out their lips. However, it is unrealistic to think that all women can afford such procedures. There is a much more inexpensive alternative. We can create fuller lips simply by using high-gloss lipsticks or petroleum jelly and then lining the outside with lip liner. Remember that one of the things that happens as we age is that we lose definition around the outline of our lips. By adding the outline, we can take at least 10 years off of our lips. Lip plumpers are great in theory but unless you want to apply them every 30 min., they are useless. It is also a good idea to avoid bright colors if you are older. Instead, consider going with more earthy tones such as browns. Lipsticks that have a brown base also tend to help our teeth look whiter as well.

Keep Eyebrows Well Groomed

When it comes to your eyes, having your eyebrows neatly groomed and defined at all times is very important, especially on a more mature face. As we age our eyebrows tend to become sparse and patchy. The best way to deal with eyebrows is to have them done professionally. If you cannot afford to go to a salon every couple of weeks at least have them done once and try to maintain them with tweezers in between visits. In addition, stay away from removing your eyebrows altogether and penciling them in. Not only does this actually make you look older, but it is also tacky. If you have a problem with gray eyebrows, do not pluck them. Rather, ask your stylist to use some sort of eyebrows tint. Many people are unaware of just how important well groomed eyebrows really are. If you look at someone with bushy and unkept eyebrows and then see them later, after their eyebrows have been done, the difference is astonishing.

The Skinny on Skinny

Many women make the mistake of thinking that they will get back into the jeans they wore when they were 20. And the truth is some women just may. However, as you age you will want to carry at least an additional 25 pounds over what your standard weight has always been. This is because women tend to look older the skinnier they are. When you are older, being too skinny will seriously emphasized any wrinkles you have on your face. You will need an additional layer of fat in order to fill in wrinkles and sagging skin. Instead of trying to lose a ton of weight, focus on a good fitness program that will keep you in shape and provide you with good muscle tone. Just because you will never wear a size 2 again does not mean you cannot be incredibly sexy and fit in a size 10.

They say that 40 is the new 30 and nothing could be closer to the truth. Today there is a major trend of younger men finding sexy and attractive older women. In fact, most everyone has heard the term “cougar”. So whether it is your goal to snag a younger “boy toy” or just to look and feel your best, remember life does not end just because you are aging. Emphasize on keeping an inner positive beauty that will emulate on the outside and change the way people see you as well as the way you feel. They say beauty comes from the inside and they are right. The better you feel about your self and the better your attitude, the better other people feel about you.

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