Using Drugs to Deal With Emotional Pain

Drug addiction is a major problem all over the world. There are literally millions of people who are affected by this terrible disease. Scientists have been trying to figure out what causes some people to become addicted to drugs, while others can take them or leave them. One common denominator that seems to be found in drug addicts is their desire to cover up or avoid some sort of emotional pain or trauma. Even in people who appear to have had a perfect, picture book life, digging a little bit deeper may reveal hidden pain. This could be due to something that happened to them in their childhood, such as the divorce of their parents, being molested, middle child syndrome and a number of many other things. This is why it is important, when treating a person for drug addiction, that the root problem is uncovered and dealt with as well. Self-medicating is a very common thing and many people do it in a number of ways. In fact, not everyone that self medicates does so through the use of drugs. There are many things a person can become addicted to but because using drugs can be so lethal, it is one of the worst ways to deal with emotional pain.

When You Wake up the Problem Is Still There

Getting high on drugs can cause you to forget all of your problems. It can allow you to forget a loved one who left your life whatever reason. It can help you to forget mistakes you feel you made with your children. In fact, it can even make you forget your children altogether. The problem with this is, when you sober up your issues are still there. In addition, because you have allowed so much time to pass without dealing with your problems, they may be amplified by the time you wake up. Burying your head in the sand and pretending that there are no painful situations in your life, will not make them go away. Using drugs to forget or mask pain will not help you deal with what the real issue is. This will only serve to alienate you further from the people in your life that you care most about. The only way to get rid of emotional pain in our lives is to deal with it head on.

More Problems Have Come up While You Were on Vacation

No matter how many drugs you use, and no matter for how long, at some point you will have to return to planet Earth. This is of course if you are lucky enough to survive. With that being said, you must keep in mind that the longer you run away from your problems, the worse they will be. In addition, if you have been using drugs for a long period of time, there is a very good chance that you have also created a good bit of financial debt for your self. Keep in mind that drugs are not free in most cases. This will open up a whole new can of worms, making it even harder for you to recover. This is because drugs will not only help us to forget emotional pain but they will also help us to forget to pay our mortgage. If you have children, using drugs will result in you neglecting them. You may wake up to find that you have teenagers who are angry, fearful, poorly adjusted with a tendency to get into trouble. These are just a few of the problems that can emerge while you are buried in a drug induced haze.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Drug addiction seems to be a cycle that runs in families. Sadly, just about everyone you speak to who is addicted to drugs can tell you of at least one family member, perhaps even a role model they had growing up, who is also an addict. If you are using drugs as a way of dealing with some emotional pain that has been caused to you in your lifetime, remember that you may be causing emotional pain to someone else who looks up to you. If you have children, chances are they are going to live by your example. If you want to teach your children to self medicate and run away from things that cause them emotional pain, then you are doing a good job by remaining sick. However, if you want to break the chain and begin the healing process for you and your loved ones, then you will need to get clean and deal with your pain. No one wants to think about something they could do to ruin their children’s lives but unfortunately, drug addiction will ruin everyone’s lives. They say you must get clean for yourself. This is true to an extent. No matter what reason you can find for developing a desire to get clean, any is as good as the next. If you cannot do it for yourself, begin to do it for your loved ones until the desire strikes you.

Obviously, the first step in dealing with pain is in knowing where it comes from. In order to do this, you must dig deep within yourself to determine what it is you are running from. Before you can begin to locate the source of your pain, you must deal with getting off whatever drugs you are addicted to. The best way to do this is to admit yourself into some sort of detoxification facility, followed by a longer term treatment plan. Drug treatment counselors are trained in uncovering problems and situations that may have led to addiction in the first place. Most people who recover from addiction must continue with long-term therapy. The most important reason for this is in helping a person identify the things that have caused him/her so much pain, so that slowly but surely he/she can let some of that go. In order to successfully beat a habit of self-medicating, you must deal with whatever issues you were trying to cover-up in the first place.

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